Sunday, July 27, 2014

Quarter Past Two…

Lays-Kettle-Cooked-Sea-Salt-Vinegar1I just quickly drove down to the circle K to get two of my favorite drinks. As I walked into the door, two humongous black ladies were arguing over what kind of potato chips to get.  The clerk rolled her eyes in impatience as I went and fixed my two fountain drinks.

“You always get the salt and vinegar chips,” one lady said to the other.

“I am getting sour cream and onion chips this time,” one of the party decreed.

They huffily stepped up to the counter to pay as I patiently waited behind them.  One girl pulled a $5 dollar bill out of her bra.

Now, that is classy,” I thought to myself amused as I looked on upon the proceedings.

The two quarreling ladies made me crave some sour cream and onion chips as well.  That was my impulse buy for the night.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mind the Arrival Time…

plane landingCharlie brought medications and supper tonight.  I was sound asleep when Maggie went nuts at his arrival.  I hurriedly put on some clothes and answered the door. I got a Whopper with onion rings and a large sweet tea. Charlie is going to be taking good care of me for a few weeks it seems as my father will be gone to the beach the week after next with his cousins as well.

“Try some of that onion ring sauce I put in your bag,” Charlie said. “It is really spicy, but oh so good.”

ring sauceIt was very spicy and tongue biting with a very, very strong hint of horseradish. It was like chicken finger rooster sauce on steroids.

My brother and his children flew in last night from San Diego.  My father was so excited as he left last night to pick them up at the airport.  He doesn’t get to see his grandchildren on the west coast very often.  Today, they went to my sister’s house for a cookout. I would go if it were a family only affair, but my father will invite everyone including their grandmother to this event. The hermit shall stay in his hermitage today.

Think I'm in Love

An introduction to Fallout 3

Comment Replies…

          Anonymous said...

I play World of Warcraft. Have you ever played that one?

Andrew Replies…

Anonymous, I played for about a week and grew tired of the level grind process.  Fighting the same monsters over and over as they spawn for points and experience grew tedious quick. It also had that sandbox feeling when you would move to other areas in the game instead of letting you explore a huge open world.

For the Win…

Last I heard, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is free up to level 20 if you want to go try it out.

World of Warcraft

Friday, July 25, 2014

Helen Friday…

Helen Friday Meal One

The ubiquitous peas and carrots once again made an impromptu appearance today. Hiding under all that meatloaf is creamed potatoes. Mom always puts butter and lemon juice on my broccoli and I make a point of telling her I appreciate that extra gracious mile she gives me.

I’ve got two more plates of food sitting in my parent’s fridge.  I am getting them tomorrow.  I could eat them tonight and that’s why they are still sitting in my parent’s fridge. I wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation.

Mayhem in Skyrim

The Apple of my Eye…

Lori when she cut off all her hair a few years ago.  She sent me this photo tonight as we were chatting online via Messenger.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Favorite Option…

Rodger's BarbecueI had been sound asleep all day when the phone rang. It was about 5pm when I was awakened. I went to bed about 6am this morning.

“Mrs. Sandra called and can’t go eat Mexican,” my mother said almost solemnly.

“I‘m sorry to hear that,” I told my mother.

“Go get me and you a barbeque plate from Rodger’s and I will pay you back,” my mother then told me.

Well, I hungrily hit the road despite being severely disheveled from being asleep all day.  Mom tried to hand me a $20 dollar bill when I got back to my parent’s house.  I refused telling my mother that supper was on me. Mom was eating her plate when I headed home to eat mine. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Charlie's Barbeque Chicken

Apes Abound…

HF7Y9799_Planet_of_the_Apes_blu-ray“Are you sure?” I asked my mother. “It might not be your cup of tea.”

Mom had just called me to tell me she wanted to go to the movies next Tuesday.

“Let’s see that Planet of the Apes movie in 3D,” she had said.

“You sure you’re sure?” I asked apprehensively once again. “You’re not just trying to placate me?”

This is a movie I have been wanting to see. I fondly remember the films from the seventies.

It got increasingly more complicated as we negotiated dinner and dessert.  We finally settled on Jim Bob’s chicken fingers and Sonic for dessert.  I was wanting Chic-fil-a but mom is paying and has the final word. With the dozens and dozens of restaurants in Auburn/Opelika, we always go to the same three places to eat. I know! I know! These first world problems are tough!

Charlie is barbequing chickens tonight.  He said he would bring by a plate this evening. That will be an extremely nice treat.  I am also in negotiations with my father to get the computer part I talked about very early this morning.  Dad leaves for a week in Florida with his cousins soon and I wanted to order that part before he goes.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

A Handful of Pure Unadulterated Woman…

RitzCrackersI was just down at the Circle K buying some Ritz cheese crackers on a whim.  Have you ever tried them? They are really delicious.  The clerk was talking to me the whole time I was in the store. I guess she was glad for the company.

“I work third shift,” she said to me huffily. “And my husband still expects me to cook and clean house.”

I smiled.  That certain husband has got a spitfire on his hands. She’s a bit of a heavyset girl, but she has a lot of beauty in her as well.  I can imagine a fellow falling in love and then to his dismay third shift begins and cooking ceases.

The Quest…

A271-7955_vgallery02_bg_gl_8140415I’ve been trying to find a certain specific video card to fit in my writing and blogging computer. Right now, I am using the integrated Intel graphics that came with my processor.  I want something a little more discreet and powerful. 

Well, I finally found the video card on for $199.99. It is continually sold out on I will have to use two months of my hard earned cigarette money to purchase it, though.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Cornucopia of Love Spilleth Over…


Well, I am glad to get that under my belt so to speak.  I had to buy more of Maggie’s dog food and that was $15 dollars, but I rung it up separately from my groceries. I couldn’t find any appetizing looking Thai meals so some of you are going to have to recommend some for me.  Is pad Thai good?

Kroger was hopping crazy tonight for some reason.  The store was full of people which tested my mettle.  I passed dad, who was reading magazines, and told him that I needed to “get the hell out of here” with an air of immediacy. We immediately proceeded to checkout. My old nemesis anxiety showed its face tonight.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short…

shrimp fried riceDad and I were both exhausted last night. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety so we decided to put off buying my groceries until tonight.  In about the next hour, my father will arrive and I will be thrown into the fray.  It still amazes me that I’ve become so socially comfortable in public as to be able to buy my own groceries. My mother bought my groceries for years. Dad comes along for moral support and to make sure I don’t spend $200.  Yes, I am given a little oversight which is worth putting up with to keep the peace.

It is going to be another American/Asian affair tonight.  I can’t wait to eat some of that Tai Pei shrimp fried rice.  I am also jonesing for some banana cream pie. We can’t forget our ubiquitous breakfast foods as well. I want to smell some breakfast bacon frying by tomorrow morning. I’ve got a list printed out of everything I need. 

I want to try some Thai food, but I am unsure of what to get.  The last Thai meal I bought at Kroger was gross and weird tasting.

Mind Your Manners…

“By all means finish your cigarette,” I kindly told the clerk at Circle K who was standing outside the store this morning. “I don’t mind waiting.”

The smell of her cigarette was intoxicating until I looked at some prices for smokes on the door. Then they once again lost their luster. 

It was 5am in the morning and I was going strong this morning.  My journey to the nocturnal dark side is almost complete.  You are more likely to catch me up at 5am in the morning rather than 5pm in the afternoon.

My purpose this morning was a Sobe energy drink and some pickled sausages. The buxom clerk handed me my change after I paid for my items and then the dam broke loose and she was flooded with patrons. I exited stage left and drove home.

Food Fit For the Gods…

Helen called me a moment ago just as I was about to go to bed. 

“Baby, I made some pimento cheese sandwiches for you.  Come and pick them up.”

Sleep would have to wait as nothing trumps Helen’s pimento cheese.

Here’s One From Captain Obvious…

captain obvious

Retro Gaming Computer in Action…

Comment Replies…

glittermom said...

Have you heard anything about George? Did he get out?

Andrew Replies…

glittermom, he is currently out on parole and living with Monte.  We both haven’t put much effort into rekindling our friendship.  I don’t want to be around all that smoking and booze.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tomcatting Around!

freds-super-dollar-explore-the-store-collect--win-game-85332354I walked into Fred’s Super Dollar Store a few moments ago.  I was buying an Sobe energy drink and lemonheads candy.  Mom had put $2 dollars in my daily sodas today to fund a treat.  Someone immediately and loudly spoke my name excitedly as I walked into the store.

“Andrew!!!” a lady said which startled me.

It was Jane Sparks and I almost didn’t recognize her.  “Who are you?” I asked in a moment of blunder.  She looked just absolutely gorgeous.  She very sexually and aggressively pursued me in High School and I wouldn’t give her the time of day then. I was such a fool in my younger days.  I would date her in a heartbeat now.  Oh, momma mia!

I didn’t look to see if she had a ring on her finger.  By the time it was my turn to check out, she was long gone.  It brought back a flood of memories, though. 

Sunday Night Chicken…

kfc mealI had grown very weary of Burger King after last weekend.  My father called wanting to know what I wanted to eat last night.  I told him just to get me a Kentucky Fried Chicken 3 piece chicken meal.

“I think that’s what I am going to get as well,” he said.

Charlie insisted that my father get me the all white meat variant of my meal.  That meant fried chicken breasts and a center cut piece of chicken. Charlie is my advocate general.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Breakfast Express…

Charlie arrived a little later this morning with a delicious breakfast.  It was almost ten when Maggie’s whining and jubilant barking woke me.  I pulled on some shorts to accompany my t-shirt and hurried to the door.  This morning we had two bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits, one hash brown, and one large orange juice.

“How can you not drink coffee?” Charlie kiddingly asked me.

“It tastes terrible!” I replied with a grimace on my face.

Charlie chuckled, told me he loved me, and headed to his sister, Laura Mae’s house, a few streets over.

I carefully tore Maggie’s biscuit into small bite-size pieces and put them on her paper plate.  Maggie was about beside herself to get her biscuit this morning. She was all underfoot. That biscuit was gone about as fast as it took me to put it on the floor.

“Savor your food, Maggie,” I told her. “You’ve got to learn to savor your food.”

I was worried I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep after I ate, but I slept like a baby until almost 5pm. I didn’t get in the bed until 4am last night or this morning I should say.

Rainy Day Cleaning…

I drove over to get my sodas late this afternoon in the rain.  Charlie and dad were busy cleaning the basement and my old downstairs bedroom.  My brother and family are coming at the end of the week. Dad was sitting in the floor finagling with a vacuum cleaner.

“Hey Chuck!” he said at my entrance into the room.

I didn’t stay long.  It is terrible of me, but I didn’t want to get recruited into their cleaning efforts. I put a Rickie Lee Jones CD in my car’s stereo and exited out the back driveway with my sodas on the seat beside me.