30 January 2015

Not My Cup of Tea…

I’ve decided not to take that volunteer position.  It sounded like a position that no one in their right mind would want – entering numbers into a computer for four hours every morning. How much more mundane can you get?  I bet they couldn’t pay someone to do it as well.  They will eventually find some older woman with nothing but time on her hands to do it.

Slumber Evades Me…

insomnia-14Well, I stripped down to my skivvies and got in the bed about an hour ago.  I lay and lay and nothing happened.  I couldn’t go to sleep.  So, now I am back up full throttle once again.  I will let my body decide when to fall off into slumber.

I am now spending some time listening to the new deadmau5 album while (1<2).  It is pure electronica at its finest.  I just wish more of these electronica type bands would make their music more harmonious with less dissonance.

Maggie was all tuckered out after her vet visit yesterday.  She’s spent all night sleeping on her favorite cushion atop the couch in the cool and dark den.  I let her be and didn't go get in my recliner with the iPad.

Maggie Is Safe and Sound…

002 copy copy[2]My dear Maggie hates going to the animal clinic almost as much as she hates cats.  We dropped Maggie off yesterday at lunch and they called us back around 2pm.  They groomed her this time and then gave her an antibiotic bath. 

If I turn on the tub water at home Maggie will shoot out that dog door faster than lickety-split.  Well, they gave us some medicated shampoo to give Maggie a bath once a week which should prove interesting and entertaining.  We are fighting a yeast infection of her skin if you don’t already know.

29 January 2015

The Best Steaks I Have Ever Eaten…



My father’s choice to get liquored up tonight.

Hunters Pub and Steakhouse - Best Lil' Steakhouse in Georgia

IF YOU LIKE JUST DOWN RIGHT GOOD FOOD...HUNTERS PUB AND STEAKHOUSE IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! Located at a corner in Hamilton, Georgia at the Columbus crossroads. 


Look What the Cat Drug In…

Helen Two[2]Well, Johnny, Poppa, whatever you want to call him came riding into this one horse town at 11.00pm tonight.  It is the latest he’s ever been since we've been doing the medication ritual and that’s been 6 or 7 years. I will say that I handled this morass with aplomb.

“You could’ve called you know? Let me know you are going to late,” I told my father with an air of dry acerbic wit.

Mom kept calling for updates as she lay in the bed. 

“Is your daddy there yet?” mom would ask and then hang up the phone when she got her answer.

“Your daddy’s got to get Helen’s groceries tonight as well,” mom then told me in another call. “I do hope Helen is cooking tomorrow.”

Helen took the day off today which is extremely odd. She must've had an appointment to attend to.

My father had been out to eat with some friends at the Hunter’s Pub and he was all liquored up and belligerent. I told him that maybe it was time for me to take over medication duties. It was not a good time to do so. Ask, that is!

“You’d take all your Klonopin in one day!!!” is what he growled and scoffed when I said that.

“I might surprise you!” I volleyed back. 

A Funny Maggie Moment…

Lounging in the backyard 004[3][2]Mom had brought me two Roger’s barbecue sandwiches today as a treat.  This is why I should never leave trash around being lazy.   I should have gone straight to the trash can upon finishing with my food and thrown the bag and sandwich wrappers away.  Well, Maggie could still smell barbecue in the discarded sandwich wrappers and the bag got stuck on her head when she stuck her head in as she was hoping for more barbecue.  I had set the bag beside my recliner. She came backing through the den trying to get that sack off her head until I helped her.  Mom loved that story today and laughed and laughed.

Tales of Lunar…

lunar_silverstarharmonyI finally leveled up my characters enough (grind, grind) so we could defeat that darn water dragon.  We cornered Dross and got the Dragon Diamond back.  Ramus (in our party) took control of Dross’s jewelry shop and everyone is happy.  Well, we now have a new problem.  We are journeying to the magic floating city of Vane and need credentials so they will let us come aboard.  That is a task for tonight as I am going to bed……I’ve got to be back up in 3 hours and get the Magster out to the Animal Clinic.  Our appointment is at 10am.

Making A Difference…

downloadI have an inordinate amount of time on my hands these days.  This was one reason I volunteered as a computer tech. for such a long time.  I hated to idly sit around doing nothing, but goofing off on the internet all day.  I thought I could make myself useful with the computer skills I had.  So, now back to the question.  Do I volunteer again?  A friend of my father’s called and asked me to come and volunteer at the hospital.  My main task would be entering research data into certain computer programs which might prove to be sheer drudgery. I’ve also got to get a letter from my Psychiatrist saying that I am able to volunteer.  I will mull it over today with much thought until I make my decision.  Your opinion is welcomed, too!

28 January 2015

Sometimes You’re Just Bound to Have a Shitty Day…

Roast_Beef_HashIt ended tonight, finally.  My father was almost 10pm before he got here for the medication ritual. I was livid at the wonton disregard for myself and what I need in that I am dependent upon my father for so many things.   Maggie was in a tizzy with worry as well and I was afraid to call him as he says I am hurrying him along.  He reeked of alcohol as well again tonight.  He said he had fallen asleep in his recliner.  Dad did bring roast beef hash he had cooked which smelled wonderful as my father carried it into my kitchen.  It was the one caveat into today’s whole big pile of shit on a shingle. 

“You're mother said not to microwave the hash as the bowl may melt,” Dad relayed to me as he was leaving.

You’re Going to the Eye Doctor Young Man…

Dynamite_monkeyAAAaaarrgggg!!!! I could’ve killed my mother today.  I was trying to sleep and she called me 3 times waking me up 3 times.   She wanted to go today to get my glasses adjusted as they are causing a blister on one side of my skull behind my ear.  Mom is supremely anal about such things and wants to get it done RIGHT NOW.

“Dammit, just pick me up,” I said on the third call. “Just Goddamn!”

Then she told me that I was driving erratic and didn’t need to be on the road.  I was driving on five hours of sleep!

“Martha?” I asked. “See the right hand mirror there dangling from what is left of its mooring?  You’re the one who doesn’t need to be driving.”

Mom looked like I had the taunted the dynamite monkey.

Thankfully,  Barbara didn’t take long to get my glasses fitting much better.  Barbara is a sweetheart, but she is also a fashion disaster.  Mom said it was worth today’s visit to see Barbara’s fashion sense for the day.

My consolation prize for doing all of this was two quarter pounders with cheese and a large Coke.  Mom complained about the $10.20 cost, but she insisted on paying.

I’ll Bodings for the Magster…

downloadBlessed be all the little ones. The scared ones. The wee ones among us who don’t understand…

Tomorrow, we take the Magster back out to the Veterinarian’s to get her second steroid shot and an antibiotic bath. She’s already itching again, but it is not nearly as bad as it was.  I am hoping Dr. Thomas will give me more antibiotics and hopefully some of those pill pouches/pockets I keep hearing about.   Poor soul is laying at my feet in here in my computer room and has no idea what is going to transpire in a few hours.  Maggie’s flea medications are due Friday as well my mother just called me to say.  We have finally arrived in the 21st century as mom talked my father into letting us get the beef flavored chewable flea and heartworm deterrent pills.

Goodnight to Lunar For Now…

In Lunar, I am stuck at the water dragon boss in the Meribian sewers.  We’re trying to get that dragon diamond back from that damn Dross who stole it.  I can’t beat that sucker for nothing.  I guess I need to grind some more to power up my characters. I think I am going to wait till tomorrow night for Lunar and finish the night off with the start of the first Suikoden, a great little RPG from Konami. I haven’t played Suikoden in years.  The say the second one is multiple times better so I have a treat at hand.

I fell out of gaming years ago about the time I was married and the fall began and I began to fall apart myself as well.   I have a lot of gaming to catch up with and a lot of good games are going to get played.  Dad’s been aghast what I’ve spent at the online retro game shop coming out of my inheritance account.  Next, I am going to have to convince him I need a used Playstation 2 which I just found one at online retro gaming shop for $49.99.

Dubbed as the Ultra Router…


D-Link AC3200 Ultra Router

To the person with the router question today, check out this router.  I bet some freeloading Wi-Fi neighbors just licked their lips at that.  Landing on a lawn near you soon.

27 January 2015

Charlie! So Very Good to See You! Happy Birthday!

Charlie had medicinal ritual duties tonight.  My father is at the Auburn basketball game way down yonder on the Plains of Alabama.   The main thing that happened today was Charlie's birthday.  He turned 69 years older on this wintry feeling Tuesday.  I got him a card holder with numerous gift cards to various establishments.  It is extremely hard to buy gifts for Charlie – what do you get the man who has everything? You get him gift cards, that’s what!  I was going to let Charlie decide what gift to get himself.  I know it is a lazy and thoughtless gift, but you try to buy birthday for Charlie and you will see what I mean.

Charlie was a flurry of activity before he left.  He always has to check the lint trap on my clothes dryer.  He then gathered and took out my trash.  I put a new bag in as Charlie always forgets that step – not that I am complaining, mind you. Horsefly was out in the car so Charlie didn’t say long as it was bowling time.  Horsefly will hurriedly bowl 4 games until he is a sweaty mess.

Today’s NewEgg Goodness…

Tripp Lite A102-02M 6ft Toslink Digital Optical Audio 2-Meter Cable
Tripp Lite A102-02M 6ft Toslink Digital Optical Audio 2-Meter Cable Model #:A102-02M Item #:N82E16812120019 Return Policy:Computer Cables and Accessories Extended Return Policy In Stock

Note (Add)

-$9.00 Instant

Logitech Z523 40 Watts RMS 2.1 Speaker System
Logitech Z523 40 Watts RMS 2.1 Speaker System Model #:980-000319 Item #:N82E16836121036 Return Policy:Standard Return Policy In Stock

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-$25.00 Instant


Router Shenanigans…

Andrew..couldn't find your email so I will ask here. I upgraded my internet and now my cable company says i have to buy a 199.00 router from them...is this true or can I just go to Wal-Mart or staples. I mean 199.00 is just to much money for a router I don't care what Verizon says.


I’ve never heard of needing a router like that unless you wanted wireless and have 3 computers you wanted to network.  You don’t have to have a router at all to get on the internet.  A router is just a way to get multiple computers in your household on the internet. To answer your question, yes, you can just go get a $49 Cisco router at Wal-Mart and it will work fine for years to come. It will most likely have wireless as well.  I used something similar for years until I upgraded a few years ago. If you lived nearby, I would just give you my old one.  A Wal-Mart $49 Cisco special.


Rita Mosquita said...

Do you have some recommendations for buying laptops? I am wondering about good deals and good computers. Thanks


adata_msatachips600pxI know I sound like solid state fanboy, but one of the very most important things (and I can’t stress this enough) in getting a new laptop is a solid state drive.  It will double or triple and quadruple the speed of your laptop.  Stay away from regular hard drives and ultrabooks – they are expensive and slow.  You pay a premium for the small size and lightweight notebook. (If the ultrabook comes with a solid state drive then I would probably give it a recommendation). 


A Baby? Really?

My nurse Rebecca told me she was expecting again.  I was dumbfounded and should have noticed.  I told Dee Dee up front that I was your stereotypical clueless guy about such things. My nurse was talking about the depression she goes into once the holiday season has passed.   I told her I could understand completely. Hell, I spent most of my childhood depressed.  Being a kid was a seriously dark time in my life.  I was glad to grow up and find out they had a name for what ailed me. Adulthood kind of opened up a Pandora’s Box in turn as well.

“What are you doing with your computers?” Rebecca asked me which she knows computers are dear to my heart.

“Matt, dad’s computer guy, is ordering me some speakers for one of my computers today,” I replied.  “And I am excited.”

A Whiff of Sweet Air…

“I pooted Maggie!” is what I just told my dog.

She was sitting on the floor watching me.  It is kind of fun to announce them!  Maggie can knock you out of the room.

Computer Chat Time Last Night…


I’ve got Lori and I where we can have conference calls and chat and see each other in real-time.  I snapped this picture as we chatted last night.  The resolution isn’t great, but it is not that terrible either.  

Lori told me last night that her father was buying her a new laptop.  Lori wants me to pick it out and I am getting her a good one.   I am excited about the prospects.  We are going to get her a large memory sized solid state drive for sure!

Lori is obsessing we can’t get all her data migrated over to the new machine.  I told her not to worry and that I’ve got us covered cord and software wise.

Silent Night O Holy Night…

slingbladeIt’s quiet here tonight, but I will have to disappoint you religious types in that Hey-zus ain’t hanging out with me this Holy evening.  I do have Sling Blade playing on the second monitor of my writing computer, though.   It’s near the end of the movie where Karl makes preparations to kill Doyle Hardgraves hardcore.  The rumor is that certain edits of the movie floating around have the death scene and you can see Karl hitting a watermelon in the mirror behind him.  Mine doesn’t show that scene.  Maybe I would have to get the director’s cut most likely.  That might be a new Southland sport – the whacking of watermelons with lawnmower blades. Its gotta make more sense than football.

lunar_kindle_wp1920x1200I’ve dicked around with my games some tonight.  I am trying to get my characters in Lunar leveled up to pass a certain point in the game.  We are in the Meribian sewers at the moment.  This is what is known as grinding in RPG circles.  Fighting over and over and over to build up your characters.  I don’t mind the grinding.  I will just happily sit there and push the buttons on my gamepad.  It just feels so good to call myself a gamer again.

26 January 2015

Guess What Time it is? Yo, it’s Rebecca—Nurse Extraordinaire Time…

Yep, you guessed it.  It slipped up on me this evening.


In my interesting days as a crazy fruit-bat.  I thought they were trying to achieve mind control through this injection. I also thought genetic studies and implants were being performed.  Dad had a hard time convincing me it would help me and not hurt me.  I finally gave in through an onslaught of severe family peer pressure.  Now, I am afraid to go without it. My father always says he can’t live with my mother and I if we are not medicated. 

$90 Freaking Bucks?

Yes, that’s what I had the pleasure of spending at Kroger tonight. It took thirty minutes to do all that damage to my disability account.

“Try to keep it to the lower side of our scale on our next few visits,” my father told me with a weak smile.

I wasn’t going to go tonight – feeling panicky over the whole affair, but my father gave me a pep talk.

“You’ll be glad when you are done and your groceries are all put away. You’ll want your sweet tea tonight when you are browsing the internet.”

A Major expense was a big package of Hebrew National hotdogs.  Dad frowned as they came down the conveyor belt.  I so splurged. Man, those things are so good and I just had to have some tonight.  That, and the rechargeable batteries which where $20 with the charger.

I will say this for my father – that he always keeps enough money in my accounts where if I needed it then it would be there.  A lot of representative payees are spending their payees money.  We wouldn’t have this without his diligence in conserving my money.  He pretty much pays all my household bills with what I get every month.

Keep our reader, Mary, in Brooklyn, in your thoughts.  She is going to wake up to a winter storm or is now experiencing one.

Tonight is Grocery Night…

sweet and sour

<----------- My favorite meal! It would be passable in any Chinese restaurant.

It is that time again where I have to carefully pick my groceries so as not to have an astronomical bill befall my father as he may have a heart attack.  Sometimes, I just have to surprise him, though.  I am thinking $80 dollars tonight.  lol 

Tonight is going to also be a Marie Callendar meal and chocolate milk night and I also need rechargeable batteries which will be expensive.  I am going to warn my father ahead of time so he wont be shocked. The batteries will be about $15 to $20 dollars. I am going to add that to my food budget.

Have you tried the new Energizer rechargeables?  They keep a charge so long you rarely have to recharge them. They are really great batteries.

The food sounds healthy don’t you think? Marie Callender meals and chocolate milk? Yes! I thought you would agree! We also can’t forget my 4 gallons of caffeinated sweet tea. Everybody always gives me a hard time about the tea.

Your New England Weather Report…

Excuse the potty mouth, but I thought this was hilarious and true.


All Nighter…

Well, I haven’t been asleep since sometime yesterday afternoon.  I feel a little fatigued trying to play my games. I have an acute loss of patience this morning.  I was having one particularly tough sewer fight in Lunar and I control-alt-deleted and ended that task.  LOL  I had had enough. 

Maggie follows my schedules and she has to be in any room I am in as well.  She’s snoozing under my blogging computer for the moment.

I have to have my glasses adjusted at 2pm so I really need to go get some sleep. I will probably see sunrise yet once again.

Disclaimer on the sleeping:  I am not complaining mind you at all.  I actually enjoy sleeping during the day.  I didn’t want to come across as whining in this post.

Why Does Merg Get All the Fun?

Marg and Lori