Friday, August 29, 2014

Somewhere In Another Life I am Sleeping…

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Tyrannical Tantrums for Computer Parts…

My father and Charlie are terrible liars.  I think I’ve wrote this before so hold on as I repeat myself. I asked my father tonight if my motherboard came to their house.

“I didn’t order it,” my father said stubbornly after stringing me along for two weeks.

He had told me two weeks ago that he had Matt order it for me.

“I will get Matt to order it first thing in the morning,” my father acquiesced and replied.

I was so very disheartened and disappointed – like a child whose Santa didn’t come on Christmas Eve.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

NO! Please Don’t Cut Off Your Hair!

Happy LoriLori just instant messaged me these two pictures asking me if I preferred her hair long or short. I had to delicately think over my reply as this was a dangerous question for a guy to answer. She’s been mulling it over for about a week with regards to cutting her hair short again. I finally got up the courage (I was like Admiral Farragut. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!) to tell her she better not cut her hair as I like it long.

“You would cutoff all your beautiful curls if you do,” I delicately wrote back to her.

Too Short Hair“I’m bored with my hair,” Lori then wrote me. “I want to do something different with it.”

“Why don’t you straighten it?” I asked after we had now migrated to the phone.

“That’s a good idea,” she replied back. “But it would be very high maintenance.”

I’ve had the same hairdo since the late 1970s. I guess I should be bored with my hair as well.

The Nacho Supreme Express…

mexican-nachosYeah, it’s that time of the week again.  Today is the day mom meets Mrs. Sandra for Mexican Thursdays. I live a very regimented life it must seem and it is.  I am quite the hungry guy tonight and am looking forward to my full order of Nachos Supreme (I still say Taco Bell is better). My only extra request was for mom to tell them to put more jalapeños on my nachos.

I called mom on a lark about an hour ago inquiring if my mother knew if dad left me some V-8 juice in the kitchen. He was supposed to pick me up some at the grocery store last night and he said he would.  Mom said she didn’t know anything about it.  Not a good sign.  I guess I didn’t get some V-8 after all. Piggly Wiggly here we come. Mom also sounded three sheets to the wind.  I hope she gathered herself enough before driving to the restaurant. She wasn’t quite roadworthy when I talked to her.

Maggie’s Favorite Spot to Hangout During the Day…

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Björk - It's In Our Hands (Official Music Video)

So Let the Mind Games Begin…

risperdal-consta2This morning was supposed to be my every two week injection of Risperdal. I take Risperdal to quell the symptoms I have from being afflicted and saddled with schizoaffective disorder. 

Dad called me from the pharmacy about 8am when my injection was scheduled at 9am. I had been up since about 7am and was making some cheese toast in the oven.

“We don’t have an injection,” my father told me solemnly as he apologized. “The girls forgot to order them.”

I sighed deeply inwardly as I had already begun to feel strange last night.  I was getting the first twinges of an anxiety attack about to happen.  Things may get interesting around here in a day or two.  Sometimes I wonder if it is psychosomatic, but I will probably start feeling some pretty harsh physical withdrawal symptoms as well in the next few days. My heart will just race in my chest when this happens and my anxiety will increase tenfold with an anxiety attack ever lurking around the corner.  

“Dad, call my psychiatrist and get him to prescribe some extra Risperdal in tablet form for me to take around lunch time,” I told my father after calling him back.

Dad thought that was a pretty good idea.  Maybe it will get me by until I can get my next injection in a few days. You are probably wondering why I don’t take my anti-psychotic in tablet form all the time. I have been notoriously noncompliant with regards to my medications over the years.  I will get to feeling better, think I am cured, and quit taking my pills starting a vicious cycle all over again.

It’s Not All Bad. There is Good in the Gloom and Doom…

Maggie's been endearing the past few mornings.  I like to turn down the air conditioning really low to 75° at night.  Maggie will get cold and snuggle up against my back to get warm..  It wakes me up and it is a comforting thing for Maggie to do. I really don’t know what I would do without my Magster.  She’s such a good companion for me.

Terrible Words of Pain and Writhing…

On the post I wrote about a week ago that I was closing down the blog, were there some pretty nasty comments?  At the time, I couldn’t bear to read them. When you write something like that, then a few readers tend to lash out via the comments. I want to go back and read them, but I am afraid of what some might had said and what I might find. I just feel fragile lately.

Thank You!

Okay, I read all the comments.  Thanks you two for the heads up.  It would’ve been rude of me to not read them when everybody took time out of their day to write them.  Thanks again to all of you that read and comment! Sometimes I just need a little “atta boy” to give me impetus to keep writing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

V-8 Vegetable Juice to the Rescue…

v8_juiceI rarely, if at all, impose upon my father, but I did so tonight.  I didn’t let my inhibitions not allow me to get a few more groceries. I’ve been lamenting the fact all week that I forgot my V-8 juice I so dearly love on my trip to the grocery store Monday. I also didn’t want to provoke the equivalent of the “Spanish Inquisition” by shopping at the Piggly Wiggly with my debit card.

“Please get me some V-8 juice,” I asked my father tonight as he was about to leave my house to do some grocery shopping. “You don’t even have to drop it by or deliver it.  I will get it with my Cokes tomorrow.”

Surprisingly, my father said he would be glad to do that for me. Things like this are kind of like a roulette wheel with regards to how my father will act or react – a highly volatile family member.

Dad had also cooked some chicken and dressing in the crock pot all day today.  I was a very lucky benefactor of a plate of this meal.  It was delicious. I am also a casserole fanatic and dad knows this. He sent some sour cream and corn casserole as well along with a Ziploc bag of homemade biscuits.

To the Tome Store We Go…

LongHornSteakhouse“My books I ordered have arrived,” my mother told me this morning over the phone. “Will you take me to the bookstore in Auburn?”

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“I’m ready to go,” mom said.

“I will pick you up under the portico in thirty minutes,” I told her.

I took a quick 5 minute shower and dressed in some decent about-the-town clothes. My hair was still wet when I walked out my front door. I had to forego the hair dryer today fearing I was running late. I really didn’t want to drive that far today and get intermingled in all that traffic, but she’s my mother and she is very good to me.

When I arrived at my parent’s house, mom walked to my car and I noticed her hair. One side of her hair was flattened from laying in the bed.

“Let’s go back inside and get you hair fixed better,” I told my mother.

As we were driving down the interstate, mom asked me if we could get some lunch and dessert. I smiled.  I was actually hoping we would get dessert and lunch as well.

Longhorn Ribeye“I want something more substantial for lunch instead of a chicken sandwich,” my mother said. “Let’s eat lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse. I have a $20 gift card.”

I was pleased at this turn of events. I ate one of the most succulent and delicious ribeye steaks I have ever eaten today.  It really was that delicious. Mom got the petite sirloin and said it was equally as delicious as well.

Of course, we had to go to Sonic for dessert which is just a short drive across the highway from Longhorn.  Mom and I sat for the longest time people watching as we slurped up our chocolate shakes. Our girth continues to grow at an astonishing rate!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thine Eyebrows Raised…

merlotIt was about 10:30pm tonight when my father showed up for the medication ritual.  I no longer get angry or out of sorts about such things that are out of my control. I was worried about my father’s well being more than anything.  I patiently waited on my father as Maggie dutifully slept in my lap as we were both in my recliner. 

Lori called me as I was waiting on my father as well to complicate matters.

“Either you are coming down here or I am driving up there,” she told me matter-of-factly. “I need you tonight!”

I can’t drive at night very well and I explained to her that she should expect a visit from my father as well.  She called me again when she reached the Cusseta exit on the interstate meaning she was almost here – about twenty miles away.

Dad finally arrived.  I could swear I smelled a strong smell of alcohol on his breath, but don’t hold me to that. He said he had been doing some painting at the river house and lost track of the time.  It was the latest he had ever shown up for one of our medication rituals.

My only real true concern is that I will start to feeling severe withdrawal if I go more than 24 hours without my medications.  It was too close for comfort tonight. Withdrawal is a very disconcerting and almost painful feeling.

All Tuckered Out…

These late night phone conversations are taking a toll on Maggie as well.  Here’s an example of a mid-day crash.

Maggie Tuckered Out

Why Tuesdays Always Feel So Good…

Nothing like the day after grocery shopping.  They had Kroger frozen pizzas on sale so I stocked up.  I also deviated from the norm and bought lots of frozen meals instead of breakfast foods.  I bet I grow to regret it this week.

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deadmau5 & Imogen Heap - Telemiscommunications (Official Video)

The Railroad Police Do Exist…

CSX%20Police%20GroupSomeone was reading my older archives and emailed me to find out if the railroad police were real.  In the earliest days of our country, railroads were pretty much a monopoly and had the rights and privileges of a citizen. Early railroads paved the way for modern corporations.  Hoboes called the railroad police “Bulls”.

I’ve only gotten one ticket from the CSX railroad police and it was trespassing on the railroad right-of-way. I had to mail in $165 dollars to the nearest CSX railroad police office to absolve my responsibilities in the matter.


An Introduction of Hoboes for Amelia…

Grilled Hobo DinnersAmelia, hoboes were a absolute favorite meal of us kids in the family when I was growing up.  In a heavy duty aluminum foil fashioned “cup or bowl” you put a seasoned ground beef patty, carrots, onions, and potatoes.  You can also make an equal mixture of ketchup and mustard to pour over these if you enjoy those seasonings.  You wrap it up tightly so it steams well and cook it in the oven on a baking sheet until the carrots are done. Dad will sometimes boil the carrots in seasoned water if he is in a hurry.  They take the longest to cook out of all the ingredients.

Moving Slowly Today…

I stayed up late again last night on the phone with Lori.  It is starting to tell on me – these late nights.  Maggie kept coming into the den with a stern looking glare trying to tell me it was bedtime.  She’s my real wife, you know? lol  She finally got up on the couch with me and would sigh loudly from time to time if I got loud or laughed loudly.

I cooked Hebrew National hotdogs for lunch and the smells almost drove Maggie crazy.  She got two wieners after they cooled and is a happy soul at the moment laying smugly on the sofa contentedly licking her paws.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Total Tally for Monday 8/25/2014?


I kept things to a minimum tonight and then I forgot my beloved V-8 juice. Super sigh! I will go back tomorrow and get some V-8 juice at the Piggly Wiggly. 

I buy one thing every Monday night with great thought that I would think Maggie would love.  She got an expensive can of white albacore tuna tonight which she is consuming as we write and read. She keeps looking up at me as if she was asking, “It’s okay for me to eat this, right?”

Cruelest, almost always to ourselves…”  I am listening to Bjork as she croons It’s in Our Hands off of her Greatest Hits album.

I used to would be so very embarrassed that my father has to help me buy my groceries, but not any more.  I have no qualms about receiving help.  Dad’s presence really does help me moderate my shopping and it also bolsters my courage of being in such a public place. I think it makes me a smart shopper as well.

A Grocery Store’s Delight…

Kroger Plus CardI want to walk around Kroger tonight telling all the patrons that I am very proud in that I couldn’t do this a few years ago.  I bet that would get a few interesting looks and replies.

“Mommy? Why couldn’t the crazy man buy his groceries?” 

My biggest craving right now is for some V-8 juice doctored up with some Crystal hot sauce. I also want some of Marie’s macaroni and cheese Comfort Bakes.  I will also doctor these up with some sharp shredded cheddar cheese from the dairy aisle. I want some of this macaroni and cheese with great anticipation tonight.

I am also very tired of drinking mostly ice water lately so I am going to get four or five gallons of Milo’s sweet tea this evening.

Meals On Wheels…

Mom just surprised me and pulled up out front of my house and blew her horn.  My father had cooked “hoboes” for supper.  As always, they were delicious.

Grilled Hobo Dinners

My Poor Mama…

tijuanamamapickledsausagebox_12“Hello?” mom said with a very shaky and sleepy voice just mere moments before the answering service would pick up.

My hopes were almost dashed for a second there.

“Mom? Will you put my Cokes out on the porch?” I asked about 30 minutes ago.

Keep in mind it was just about noon.  I had just gotten dressed in decent clothes after a shower to go out and drive over to get them. Mom sounded like she was in La La land.

“I’ve already put your cokes out,” my mother said defiantly and stubbornly. “Along with two dollars to get you some of those pickled sausages as a treat!”

“That was yesterday,” I replied.

“You sure?” mom asked very skeptically.

“When have I ever tried or asked to get more than six cokes in a day?” I asked growing sullen and petulant.

“Well okay,” mom said. “I will put them out.”

Sheesh! I should’ve just stopped by the Piggly Wiggly and bought some. They have a 3 liter bottle of orange soda for just a $1.50 and it is really good tasting stuff belying its price tag.

We Could’ve Been Georgians…

If you walk a hundred yards down the sidewalk from my parent’s house you will be in the state of Georgia.  There is no fanfare or any sign.  A few hundred more yards past the old Civil War fort and you are in West Point, Georgia.  Charlie lives in West Point across that grand Chattahoochee.

You Know I Love Fred’s Dollar Store, Right?

thRY65MJK9Since I was out and about, I decided to stop by Fred’s to buy a few personal hygiene commodities.  I needed deodorant and Irish Spring soap. It would be my luck that the cashier rung up one item twice.  She called the manager who had to use a key to take off the duplicate item. I had to wait forever for the manager to arrive. Amazingly, I still love Fred’s anyway. I will allow them a few transgressions from time to time.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My all time favorite game -- Lunar the Silver Star Story

Oh, I Wish…

thats-dope-man_o_1097042It’s that time of the week again – Sunday night fried chicken as Charlie and my father call it.  Mom will call soon and ask what I want. I’ve been eating Kentucky Fried Chicken for the past few weeks.  There is no telling what time Charlie and my father will arrive.  It is usually at dusk or dark when they rally the troops and head out to feed the “hungry” and “needy” members of their families.  I would just absolutely love it tonight if they showed up early and out of the ordinary. That would be such a nice surprise!  It seems I am always sitting around waiting on my father to arrive or to administer something.  That reminds me that I will get my medications tonight as well. That’s dope, man!

My father called as I was writing this and wanted to know what I wanted for supper.  I told him to get me what he got to make things simple.  Aren’t I accommodating?

The Handi-Maid…

KFC plateThat’s what I was calling Charlie tonight.  Charlie thoroughly cleaned my kitchen in thirty minutes time.  Dad was getting tired of waiting on him and was ready to go.  Charlie also brought me the heaviest dinner box of KFC that you probably ever held and I am not exaggerating.  That must mean three fried chicken breasts again. I haven’t looked in the box yet. Charlie did tell me he gave me Horsefly’s biscuit which Horsefly will not eat.  I also got Horsefly’s sweet tea as well to accompany my Pepsi.  This sweet tea put the sweet in sweet tea.

Maggie also put on the most incredible show of affection tonight when she realized Charlie and my father were both here at the same time. I have never seen her bark and squeal more joyously in her life. Maggie will be getting some chicken here shortly. She’s been my constant companion since Charlie and my father left.