Friday, March 27, 2015

Another Late Night in Andrewville…

My father didn’t arrive tonight until 11pm with my medications. My mother was so livid that he would do that to me. Mom’s my chief advocate general as I like to call her, and The Secretary as well. I felt mostly sorry for Maggie more than anybody.  She sat on the back of the couch and whined for an hour worried and pining for my father. Maggie knew something was wrong. I wasn’t mad or angry. I was just glad to see him and he was in a super jovial mood maniacally laughing at some of my mother’s antics of today as he relayed the stories to me. He was laughing so hard he almost got to crying.  My father can be so irreverent towards my mother at times. Mom’s called a half dozen times fretting over the whole affair. I’ve called her about three times myself getting the status of my father’s whereabouts.  He’s headed to the grocery store now to do this week’s shopping. Kroger will soon close at 1am.

Mom finally ran out of my Coca-Colas and I am drinking Sprite Zero now. Charlie bought the Sprite Zeros on sale and we now have almost a garage full.  I guess I am committed to them now.   I no longer buy sweets at the grocery store and those sodas tasted so sweet and comforting even if they are zero calorie. Charlie got these little 8oz bottles that look dinky, but I like them.  They are the perfect serving size.

More Reasonable Don’t’cha Think?

I almost got carried away!  The power supply is the only thing I NEED.  The other stuff was what I WANTED.  Big difference.

Revised Computer Parts

Farting Teacher Hidden Camera WARNING! Potty Humor!

Southern Pride Gets the Best of Me Sometimes…


Helen’s Soul Food Fridays…

I don’t know why Helen mashed my hamburger patty down in the middle of the creamed potatoes. I guess she ran out of room on the plate.  Can you tell dad loves rutabagas?  We have them every other meal. The rest is turnip greens and steamed cabbage.  I love it when Helen gets her cornbread just right.  It was crunchy on the outside, and smooth and creamy on the inside.  Helen also remembered to put Southern style hot sauce on my rutabagas, turnip greens, and cabbage.

Helen's Soul Food Fridays

Some Computer Parts I am Getting Next Week…

Computer Parts

Some Interesting Blog Trivia…


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Comments are back to normal, but I had to restore to an older saved template.  Hope this looks okay.  If not, I will change it.  I deleted those Disqus comments so if you posted with private information like your email then don't worry.  They are gone forever.  Sometimes you bowl a gutter ball as Horsefly often says.  LOL! Y’all laugh with me and not at me!

Hopefully, Helen is cooking some soul food today.  I just tried to call my father on his cellphone to find out what she is preparing, but I got his voice mail.  Mom is getting her hair fixed, or I would call her.  I will get a photo up on the blog this afternoon most likely. 

Maggie just came into my bedroom doing the “I’m Hungry!” dance so I brought her food into the bedroom and she is crunching away on her nibbles. Dogs can be so funny (as in queer funny) about such things.  Maggie will not touch that food if it is in the laundry room where my father insists on putting it. 


I am testing a new third party blog commenting system.  This is more in tune to Facebook’s way of handling comments.  If you have any problems then let me know!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Longest Ten Minutes of my Life…

Well, Maggie was due a medicated bath.  I locked the dog door and prepared myself for this unpleasant task.  I ran some warm water and got a cup to pour water on Maggie’s back.  Well, I get her in the tub and she looked so pitiful.  It kills me to do that to her.  The shampoo directions said the shampoo must stay on the dog for ten minutes.  Maggie sat there looking pitiful as I watched my wrist watch.  It was the longest ten minutes of my life.  I am glad it is done, though, and maybe Maggie’s itchiness will go away and we will get her healthy again. I vigorously tussled her with a towel and then she went immediately outside to get that stinky shampoo smell off of her.

Azure Ray, For No One

Just What is Going On in There?

Maggie Looking In

Home Sweet Home…

I talked mom into going to Fred’s Super Dollar Store for Easter candy instead of Wal-Mart. Fred’s is just down the street from my parent’s house. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made as they had tons of Easter candy to choose from.  Mom bought $80 in candy for all the grandkids if you can believe it.  We then went and picked up my contacts and then down to Valley Pharmacy for us to get a drink.  We were both thirsty.  Next was the veterinarian and mom wrote a check for Maggie’s shampoo despite my protests. I was just going to debit it.  We then ran by the bank so mom could withdraw some more cash. I’m pooped – not used to doing so much.  How could I ever return to work like I fear I will have to?

I was astonished to find all new faces manning the helm at Fred’s.  It seems they’ve cleared house and hired a whole new team.  McGruff, my favorite clerk, was gone.  I will miss her humorously gruff manner. Sandra, a mainstay, was gone as well. She was next in line to be manager I think. They had rampant shoplifting going on though. A little tidbit McGruff had revealed to me.

Facebook's Popularity…

I now see why Facebook is so very popular.  You reach a much wider audience and you get almost immediate feedback to your posts.  What I posted today, got a week to two weeks worth of attention I would get on the blog.  It is so easy to comment as well.  You don’t have to go through a rigmarole to post comments on something. If you don’t feel like commenting, then you just hit like.

The draw backs?  It is not fit for a personal journal.  You can’t do long form writing. I call it a place for chit chat and idle mental fluff.  Maybe I can get in a groove of using both, but I still love my blog and all you that take time out of your days to read my incessant dribble. 

Busy Day Ahead…

If you’ve read me a long time, then you know I have social phobias and phone phobias.  They’re all wrapped into one big phobia – the fear of people and what they might do or say.  Well, Maggie needed some shampoo for her returning yeast infection of the skin.  I dawdled around for a few hours fretting and finally, amazingly called the veterinarian.  They have the shampoo she needs in stock and I told the receptionist I would be out there before they closed.   Mom needs to go to Wal-Mart, one of my most dreaded places on earth, and I told her I would take her if she helps me get the shampoo.  So it’s a done deal.  Mom gets her hair fixed at 1pm and then we will head to Wal-Mart and then the animal clinic. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Perfunctory Pill Pockets…

Who ever told me of these on the blog is a genius and an instant friend. I thank you so very much! I had never heard of them at all.  Maggie had to take her heartworm and flea medications tonight and gobbled them down with those pill pockets without a hitch.  I gave her a can of Vienna sausages as a treat afterwards as that is her favorite treat of them all. Dad didn’t think she would eat all of them and laughed and laughed when she gobbled them all down. I told him she would!

“That dog’s got some spunk!” my father replied grinning ear to ear.

The bottomless pit is eating her kibble now beside me. I have to bring it into the bedroom or she won’t touch it.  I also wanted some positive reinforcement with the treat, ya know?

Okay, enough with my emoticon phase.  I hope y’all survived it and are still reading. Girl signing off.

No Credit Card?

So, I ran out to the mailbox after I awoke from sleeping all day.  That injection always does a number on me. It makes me so drowsy.  No credit card. Crying face  The only thing I wanted to buy is a $219 dollar 1000 watt power supply for my gaming computer.Computer My 7 year old power supply is on the fritz. If I buy a coveted computer part with my debit cards, my father will see it and give me a drumming. I am going to allow one purchase like that once a month.  Something I can pay off easily and still stay under the radar.  My original inclination was to go wild and build a new computer for $2000 dollars, but then I got smart and realized I couldn’t afford the monthly payments.  I have no interest for 15 months so that is comforting to know.

I just got off the phone with my father and we had a long, jovial chat. Call me I asked him if he is drinking wine.

“Just a little bit,” my father replied. “I drink out of a little plastic Dixie cup so I won’t drink too much at a time.”

You know you live in the South when you are drinking wine out of a Dixie cup.Nyah-Nyah

“I am living vicariously through you!” I swooned over the phone  “I would love a six pack of tallboys right now!” Martini glassMartini glassMartini glassMartini glassMartini glassMartini glass

“You’d drink the whole bottle in a hour!” my father exclaimed laughing.

“Yeah, you are probably right,” I replied. “I would have drank two bottles by now knowing me. You never slur your words. I would.”  Sick smile Martini glassMartini glass

I felt like Alice down the rabbit hole talking to my father about drinking. Mom was eating her afternoon snack so she wasn’t able to have a little afternoon chat as well. Sarcastic smile I then heard a big sigh from my father.

“I am hoping your mother just went back to her bedroom to lay down,” dad said. “She’s been asking me the hardest questions that will just make you frown trying to answer them. I want to drink my wine and watch TV in peace.” Laughing out loud

If you are wondering about all the emoticons, I am going through my 14 year old teenaged girl phase of blogging. Girl

Dog eating - If Dogs had human hands !

30 Minutes Late…

I was sitting in the lobby of Kamath Medical this morning when Dee Dee asked me to come to the receptionist’s window.

“Your new nurse, Diana, is running thirty minutes late,” she told me.Crying face

“That's fine,” I told Dee Dee, “I am going to run up to the pharmacy and get something to drink and I will be back in about 30 minutes.”

By the way, my favored and beloved nurse, Rebecca, had her baby and it was a little girl.  It’s a three girl household now. Party smile

Sandra at the pharmacy helped me charge two melon flavored sports drinks to my father’s account.  Matt, my father’s computer guy, came out to talk shop for a few minutes about solid state drives,

“The 512 GB drives have dropped below $200,” I told him. “Shop Samsung 850 badged drives!”Winking smile

I headed back to Kamath Medical and my nurse had arrived.  She wears the most exquisite lipstick and I almost told her, but I didn’t want to come across as flirting.  Patients shouldn't be fraternizing with their nurses. Embarrassed smile

I received my injection and next appointment card and headed to my father’s house.  He would want that card to be sure I actually got the injection.  He came to the back door in his bedroom slippers and a robe.Smile

“Good deal, Chuck!” he said. “I got worried about you it was taking so long.” Rolling on the floor laughing

Geez, Sometimes I Feel as if I am Under a Microscope it Seems…

Disappointed smile Anonymous, the reason dad took my car was partly my mother’s aggravatingly incessant urging and partly because I needed a reliable car to get my injection this morning which was the utmost of importance.  Mom didn’t want me driving my car if the brake light was on.  My father and Charlie are handling my car today which I will get back hopefully this afternoon.  I had some hand in it too that I practically begged my father to let me drive his car and he reluctantly relented.


Disappointed smile I sold those cars to get up the money for some expensive projects around the house like vinyl siding, landscaping, and some much needed plumbing work, and I am driving mom’s original Honda CR-V from when she got her 2005 Honda Civic years ago.  It was silly and expensive for me to drive two cars when I may only drive 200 miles a month.  My newish CR-V is a 2001 model that dad was keeping down at the drug store for prescription deliveries.  He gave it to me at little cost. It only has 106,000 miles now on it so it is in good shape as far as Hondas go.