Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Will Y’all Let Me Off the Hook?

walt's shrimp*hack* *cough*  “Mom? I don’t feel so good! I think I am running a high fever!” *faux puke*

I know my mother is my one and only Chief Advocate General, but I really don’t want to drive all the way to the bookstore today. lol  It’s a long drive down the interstate and I am so lazy right now it’s downright pitiful. It puts Maggie, the incredible sleeping dog, to shame. 

I have to pay for supper so we are going to the Red Lobster to eat dinner this evening.  I’ve been craving Neptune's seafood platter or whatever it’s called this week.  That, or Walt’s famous fried shrimp which is always delicious.  Mom says she wants a margarita or two as well.  My sweet Lori is going to meet us at the restaurant and eat dinner with us. It is going to be good seeing her tonight despite all my laziness induced misgivings about the trip.

Mom: Are You Ready to Go? Me: Where? Ah, Drats!

pile-of-books“Are you ready to go?” my mother happily and chirpily asked me over the phone a minute ago.

I had just crawled out of the bed. Maggie jumped off the bed and ran into my computer room as well. A ringing phone always excites her as she can hear the familiar voices playing over the speaker on the other end.  The phone also provokes a spurious fit of activity on all our parts which excites Maggie as well. 

“Where are we going?” I asked trepiditiously and with acute caution.

“I thought we were going to the bookstore in Auburn this morning,” my mother told me.

Oh man, I had forgot all about that. I felt terrible. 10 demerit points for being a terrible son.

“Can we go this afternoon?” I asked my mother “writhing in guilt”. “And we will get some supper. My treat.”

Mom said that would be fine as she was going back to sleep for a few more hours, but you could hear the disappointment in her voice. I told her we would go at 5pm.  I could hear Helen tell mom she didn’t need to lay in the bed all day as all of this was playing out.  I smiled. Mom says Helen can be a busybody when it concerns her.

Monday, September 1, 2014

And the Monday Night Deed is Done…


raisin breadWell, we’re done for another week.  Dad and I were laughing as we crossed the parking lot to our cars after shopping.  This is our “shooting the shit” time like George and I used to have when he would come over to his “safe house” to drink beer with Maggie is his lap.

“You and I man-shop!” my father told me jovially with a chuckle – his pearly whites shining brightly in the low sodium halide lighted glow of the parking lot. “We know what we want.  We get in and we get out in record time.”

I hadn’t been in the grocery store for ten minutes and then I was ready to go. I knew exactly what I wanted and I knew exactly where it was.

Dad paid for Maggie’s dog food which I greatly, greatly appreciated and I told him so as well.  He asked for my car key so he could go put it in my car as I finished shopping.  That freed up fifteen extra dollars I could spend on food.

“You sure keep your car clean,” dad said to me as he found me back inside. “I put the dog food on the back seat.”

This week was breakfast food themed.  I missed not having much breakfast type stuff to eat last week.  Dad says I am just like his mother with regards to this little eccentricity. 

“She would rather have biscuits, bacon and eggs than a sirloin steak.”

Sun-Maid actually produces their own brand of raisin bread, so I will be having that in the morning on a trial basis with creamy roasted peanut butter and a glass of ice cold milk. I do hope the bread is fresh and soft. The Nature’s Own and the Pepperidge Farm raisin breads have been dry and close to stale to my tastes.

I’ll Take Mine Extra Syrupy, Thank You!

sobe citrusThis morning started off with a thirst that desired more than water.  I called my father and had him put my Cokes on the back porch.  I also looked in my wallet to see if I had enough cash to get a few things at the convenience store.

“Have you got enough to eat?” my father asked me as I stood on their back porch. 

“I’m fine,” I replied. “I am more thirsty than anything.”

I thought the question was odd.  Dad acted like Kroger would be closed tonight, but I looked online and it says they are open and only closed on one day a year and that is Christmas day.  He must have some kind of social engagement keeping him from going shopping.

“I’ll bring you something to eat late this afternoon,” my father told me which compounded my confusion.

Well, I stopped by the Circle K and their fountain drinks were messed up making the drinks almost too sweet and syrupy.  I bought a 32oz. cup of Sobe citrus, but it was almost too sweet to drink.  I was so very disappointed.  My consolation prize was some vinegar and salt potato chips and a couple of packages of Lance’s cheese on wheat crackers. 

Retro-Gaming Galore…

gamecubeI asked my father this morning if he knew where my Nintendo GameCube was.  I had brought it over to my parent’s house a few years ago so my nieces could play it.  Dad acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about.

“Two years later is a little late to be worried about it,” my father said. “Don’t you think?”

I am really into retro-gaming right now and wanted to play Zelda: The Wind Waker and Metroid Prime as it was originally intended.  I guess I will have to emulate them on my gaming computer. 

James Newton Howard, Wyatt Earp, Main Title…

This movie debuted to terrible critical acclaim.  Siskel and Ebert lambasted it.  I loved all three hours of the film.  I probably watched this movie ten times in the early 90’s. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ribeye Steaks by Charlie the Great!

Dad arrived after Charlie’s meal tonight.  He then immediately sat down and changed the channel to the Tennessee and Texas A&M football game.  Down went a handful of pills and we were set for the evening.

The Fruits of Helen’s Fruitful Labor…

Mom and I just drove over to Sonic for a quick sweet treat, but their ice cream machine was broken. I guess it was a blessing in disguise.  The lady profusely apologized over the intercom. She said they were also out of bacon and couldn’t make slushes.  I had forgotten about my Helen to-go plate and mom told me to get it when I dropped her off at home and that’s what I did. I also grabbed my colas as well.


Horrific and Heartbreaking Encounter…

deer and fawnI was just down at the tracks a moment ago when I heard a train coming. It was about at Huguley when I first heard its horn blaring.  It would be here in about 15 minutes. I readied my camera and lost interest in the switcher engine and crew who were gathering demolition debris cars for pickup on the mainline. 

Then it happened.  Out of the Pecan grove by the tracks came one momma deer and her fawn.  Just then, the fast freight of auto racks rounded the super elevated curve far down the tracks. I could see the train signal turn red in warning.  Momma and fawn stepped out on the tracks.  “MOVE!!!” I hollered several times as loud as I could, but the deer didn’t pay me any attention.  I was too far away to be a threat and the deer were completely ignoring the train as well.

The fawn was on the center of the tracks and the train looked like it completely engulfed and swallowed it up. It just basically disappeared under the “cow catcher” of the lead engine.  The train also hit the momma deer’s head as she walked forward and sent her spinning like crazy midair like a top. I didn’t have the guts (no pun intended) to walk down and look at the aftereffects and the carnage.  I don’t want nightmares tonight. I was afraid one of the deer would still be alive and I didn't have a way to put it out of its misery.

Björk - It's Oh So Quiet

The first Bjork tune I ever heard and I fell instantly in love.

Where Art Thou Charlie?

McDonald's BreakfastAh, Sunday morning – a blessed day in these hallowed halls called Andrew’s house.  It was freezing in my house this morning when I awoke.  I had the air set on 74°degrees.  Brrrrr. That’s about as arctic and cold as it gets around Andrew’s casa this time of the year. I turned the air back up to 80°degrees as Maggie sighed in dismay. That furry little beast loves it cold.

A moment ago, I was dancing exuberantly in the den to N.W.A’s Straight Out Of Compton.  Maggie got extremely excited and playful as well. It was contagious.  I had to turn it down, though, as the loud bass of my home theater’s subwoofer was really thumping and the sound of bass, due to it’s nature, carries very far. My orthopedic surgeon neighbor had just went on his morning jog, arrived home, and must have found my loud music intriguing as he passed my house. I am usually the quiet one of the neighborhood.

Well, Charlie will be here in the next few hours.  I hope Maggie puts on a really good show for him – it does a heart good. I also really want a sweet and tangy tasting large orange juice this morning so maybe Charlie will deliver on those hopes. Pictured is a common Andrew’s and Maggie’s breakfast every Sunday morning. Maggie just mainly gets a biscuit, though, which she relishes.

9:17am Update! Ah, the Charles Meister has Arrived…

Strawberry Preserves - McDSo, I am sitting here in front of my computer sipping on my large orange juice and eating my sausage biscuit with mustard.  Charlie urged me to try the strawberry preserves he put in my bag on my sausage biscuit. That sounds kind of gross, but Charlie swears it is delicious. I think I have written about this before.

Maggie is currently and daintily eating her sausage biscuit on the floor next to me. She is one happy camper and I expect her to sleep away her morning after she eats.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I’m Certainly the Culprit and the Instigator in this Matter…

chocolate milkshake“Do you want to drive over to Sonic and get some chocolate shakes?” I asked my mother after I had called her. “They stay open until midnight.”

It was almost 10pm and my father hadn’t arrived home from the football game yet. 

“I’ve got on my pajamas already,” mom said, sounding crestfallen. 

“You sure they are open that late?” mom then asked skeptically.

Ten minutes later and mom and I were at Sonic waiting on our chocolate shakes to be brought out. We both love to people watch and all kinds of interesting looking people were out and about late tonight.

I also wanted something more substantial to eat so mom and I grabbed two beef burritos through the Taco Bell drive-thru and headed home.

The Horse Whisperer - Rancher's Wife

Cavorting With the Man known as the Flash…

Maggie LoungingA moment ago had to be one my father’s most hurried and frantic Medication rituals I have ever experienced.  He was an absolute whirlwind and a bundle of nervous energy. Dad was so hyper and very nervous about how Auburn would play today against Arkansas. (It’s a religion in the South).  We quickly gave Maggie some fresh food and water and then he was gone. I called him the Flash from that DC comics superhero.  

I just opened all the windows in my house to let some fresh air inside.  My house still strongly smells of very stale cigarette smoke after smoking all those years.  Maggie was overjoyed when I opening up the door to my screened in porch.  She was in hog heaven.  She can better survey her little kingdom from this vantage point.. 

Yay! Pizza at Noon…


“Yeah, I am hot-n-ready baby!!!”

“Certainly, you can’t eat a whole large pizza to yourself!” mom told me exclamatorily over the phone this morning.

She balked at having to get and pay for two pizzas.

“They are only five bucks,” I replied to my mother. “And I can eat one large pizza in one sitting guaranteed.”

We were talking of Little Caesar’s and their $5 hot and ready large pizza deals. Mom called me way late last night wanting pizza today and we were continuing our conversation this morning.

Then my father called me this morning waking me again after I had fallen back to sleep.

“Do you want to do your medications this morning or tonight?” he asked. “Before or after the football game?”

I was so very glad my father called as I was worried about how we were going to  arrange this little necessary burden of my life today – a collegiate football day of all days.

“Umm, let’s do them this morning,” I replied not being one who likes to wait at all.

This bolstered my spirits and made my day seem a little brighter.  My father has been so kind to me these past few days.

Yes, it is that time again where my father and brother grow crazed at an inflated pigskin being tossed around a grass field.  Whether Auburn wins or loses will dictate my male family member’s moods for the next several months.  I hope Auburn has a extremely legendary winning season this year for all our sakes.

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Introduction...

More Lunar 2 Gameplay Footage...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Soul Food Friday…

Deviled EggsHelen cooked her peppery, but delicious baked chicken tenders today.  The leftovers made for some really great sandwiches this afternoon. The chicken was very, very tender. 

We also had fried okra, creamed potatoes, speckled butterbeans, yellow summer squash, and cornbread.  My father got Helen to also make some deviled eggs. 

My father’s must have salad with every meal was a green salad today with lots of ranch dressing.

“Baby, come get your plate,” Helen told me over the phone at lunch.

I drove the short 5 minute jaunt to my parent’s house. When I got to casa de parent’s Helen was fixing the one meal she carries home to her husband.  Mom was sitting at the kitchen table eating her plate before the food got cold.

“Let’s go get us a chocolate shake!” mom said cheerfully.

I called mom a minute ago, but she had gone to bed.  After eight, Sonic’s shakes are half price.  I was hoping to wait until tonight to go.

Devil’s Canyon…

Devil’s Canyon is the codename for Intel’s next line up of enthusiast processors and enthusiast chipsets.  Tonight, now available, you can order an eight core Core i7 extreme processor for a little over a $1000. That is just so awesome on the computer grading scale.   I hope the prices fall as we head into the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. I want to partake in this goodness and revelry.

A new memory standard is also supported by the new Intel X99 chipset.  Us enthusiasts will be upgrading to DDR4 soon.  I am really excited about all of this.  Today’s or yesterday’s launch by Intel caught me completely by surprise.

Intel's latest and greatest...

Monty Python: The Bishop

Somehow, I don’t think the church of England would be too happy about this.

Texas Ain’t Got Nothing on This as Far as Big is Concerned…

product-enlargedWell, the uncomfortable and unpleasant deed that must be done is done. The gigantic needle has been inserted in my left gluteous maximus muscle and injected with two more weeks of “crazy-away”.

I am now comfortably sitting in front of this computer in my pleasantly air conditioned house. I am so very, very glad to be home.  I feel as if I just climbed an insurmountable Mount Everest. The traffic on highway 29 was like the Daytona 500 – jockeying for position, I sped towards the pharmacy this morning. .

Crystal was my nurse today and she was kind and attentive for a change. Sometimes she can be really aloof and seemingly distant. I don’t know where Rebecca was, but I was hoping she had the day off. I missed our small talk and our idle chitchat, though.

My Dinero or Your Dinero?

AA046999Dad and I had a long and quite combative talk last night. I told him that I should have about $100 a month of discretionary money to spend – money for leisure, computer parts, or eating out. I don’t need to face the equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition every time I take Lori out for dinner and a movie. It reminds me of a fledgling leaving the nest. Sometimes I feel like I am 42 going on 16 years of age.

“It is my money after all,” I told him and it pissed my father off deeply when I said that.

He started to rattle off my expenses as if they were his own.  Dad is extremely possessive of my disability money.

Startled Awake – Sleep We Shall Abate…

asus_sabertooth_x79He, my father, has already called me twice this morning about my injection. 

“They should be here with the delivery from Montgomery any moment now,” he told me 10 minutes ago. “I just wanted to see if you were up and going.”

He called me back shortly and told me to go ahead and get my shower.  Knowing my luck it could be 2pm this afternoon when my injection arrives. I will have to sit around on pins and needles as my mind falls into schizophrenic induced dementia (just being over-the-top and dramatic).

Yay! On the computer part front, Dad said he had already gotten Matt to order the motherboard this morning.

“That computer part was $300 dollars,” my father told me. “You have very expensive tastes.”