Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Main Man…

beef-stewWell, the Charles Meister has arrived and then quickly gone. Horsefly was at the bowling alley so Charlie couldn’t dawdle.

Maggie put on one of her grandest greetings ever.  She was sitting on the back deck barking when Charlie pulled up to the curb in front of my house. Maggie clamored inside through the dog door to see who could get to the front door the fastest all the while barking up a storm.  She beat me by a few seconds.

Janice forth went Church and cooked beef stew and cornbread tonight and Charlie brought me a big Tupperware container of the stew.  It was cherished and hit the spot on this rather chilly winter evening.

Whew Boy, it is So Quiet Around Here…

peanuts-thanksgiving-tableThings will get busy around here when Charlie gets off of work at 5pm.   I am invited to eat Thanksgiving dinner with Charlie and family tomorrow.

“Or I could bring you and Maggie a plate,” Charlie told me catering to my social phobias.

Charlie knows my limitations well as I opted for the delivered plate choice.  I don’t think my nerves could handle all that socializing as Charlie will invite a literal crowd of folks. I would be so socially anxious I wouldn't even remember what I ate.  I’d be a basket case by the time I made it back home.

“Honey baked ham or roasted turkey?” Charlie asked me last night.

“Bring me a little bit of both,” I told Charlie and he laughed good heartedly.

I Take Care in Care Taking…

honeywellalarmkeypadA moment ago, I was over at my parent’s house checking on things.  Dad entrusted Charlie and I to keep an eye on the house and the river house as well.  I get in with a garage door opener and then I have to turn the alarm off quickly.  I almost couldn’t remember the alarm code this morning and It made me come close to panicking. For years, It was my parent's wedding anniversary, but dad changed it when they installed a new alarm system.

Well, I got on dad’s computer for a bit this morning as he has been complaining how slow it is.  Yes, It is certainly slow. Excruciatingly slow! Your computer should have to wait on your input and not the other way around. I am thinking of giving my father my blogging and writing computer and then building a new computer for myself. This computer is blazing fast.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Let the Feedings Begin…

Meatloaf_and_Mashed_PotatoesDamn this diet and don your napkins.  That’s what’s going to happen.  Charlie will be bringing plates of Janice’s food every night and she is a wonderful cook in the Old South tradition.  Charlie called a moment ago and said he would be here around 10:00pm with meatloaf, cornbread, and mashed potatoes.  He’s got to take the Horsefly bowling first.  Janice makes the best cornbread I have ever eaten and I am not exaggerating or using hyperbole.

A Whirlwind of a Visit…

“I’m headed home to pack and to make sure your mother brings some decent clothes,” Dad told me a moment ago.

He watched me take my medications as he called my mother on his cellphone. He had worked 10 hours today and looked so tired.  There were dark semicircles under his eyes.  I didn’t envy him of this undertaking he was about to embark upon.

“Bessie?” he asked my mother over his phone. “It is time to get up and get packed.”

In Charlie’s Capable Hands…

Dad needed this sign in front of the pharmacy years ago…


The pharmacy will soon close at seven and my father will be headed this way for the medication ritual. Our last ritual together for about a week.  I am very much looking forward to seeing my father figure.  I also need my medications somewhat acutely tonight – my Klonopin imparting peace upon me. Relaxation. Sleep. Rest. I take all six at one time because I can never remember to take my lunchtime dose.

motherMom just called me and is very nervous about the flight. She has slept all day and called me to make sure her clock was right – the darkness disorienting her.

“We leave at 4:30am in the morning,” mom said. “I am going to need some Xanax by the time we get on the plane.”

Sadly, I chuckled not knowing what else to say.

So, the Charles Meister is taking care of me for a few days which is nice – very nice indeed.  Charlie will bring something to eat, Sodas, and all with my many medications every night. Maggie will be extremely pleased as well.

Attraction Rather Than Promotion…

Watchtower-Study2008thI just had a couple of well meaning elderly black ladies stop by who were Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I was very congenial and on my best behavior despite my patience beginning to wear thin after a bit.  One asked if they could come inside and share the gospel with me.  I told her thanks, but I would rather not be bothered with that today. As I was shutting the door, they left me a copy of the Watchtower to read and to try and indoctrinate myself with.  I am of the firm belief that religions should garner followers through attraction rather than promotion much like Alcoholics Anonymous.  You do have to admire the zeal of these followers, though – knocking on strange doors and meeting strange people all for a cause that is only supported by faith.  I have this strange fascination with it all.

The Show that Must Go On Finally Ground to a Halt…

sapphire_hd_7950I pleadingly tried to get my father to order my Christmas last night before they left for San Diego. It was a fruitless endeavor, though.  I was going to treat myself by using $200 of my quit smoking money to make for an awesome Christmas haul as they say about shopping these days.

“One of these parts is going to go out of stock if we don’t order it tonight,” I told my father. “It is over 50 percent off!”

Dad hem-hawed around about the price.  It was close to $700 dollars for the whole order, but my father always gives me $500 dollars or more to spend for Christmas.

As I had predicted,  the video card is now out of stock with no definite restocking date this morning.  The card was a steal at $134.99.  It would compliment the same video card I already have installed in my gaming computer – working in tandem to theoretically double the performance.  AMD calls this CrossFireX or more technically sequential link interface.

Dad said he wanted his computer guy, Matt, at the pharmacy to check out what I was ordering when he got back in town from San Diego then we would decide what to do. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Canned Fruit…

The Damage to my Disability Account Tonight was $83.25 dollars…

cannedpeachesDo you know something I like to buy from time to time?  I like to get some canned peaches in heavy syrup.  I think this tastes so deliciously good. I guess all the sugar from the heavy syrup negates any health benefits of the fruit. At least eating canned fruit is better for you than smoking copious amounts of cigarettes which is something I would traditionally do.  All things in moderation and consideration Andrew.

Well, I got my A-1 sauce and a jumbo $11 dollar pack of ground chuck.  I will simmer the beef patties tomorrow afternoon for a few hours, make a roux, and get a little gravy action going on with flour and milk. Let the A-1 sauce commence and pour forth. Tonight’s medium sized bottle cost $3.19.  The jumbo bottle is over $5 bucks!

A Pre-Kroger Moment…

Tonight, as you may already know, is grocery night for me.  Dad, who calls himself my price controller, will read magazines for the 20 minutes it takes me to shop and then we will checkout and head home.  Walking out into the parking lot to our cars is an important bonding moment for my father and I as we like to shoot the shit as they say. George would always call idle talk that as well.

I rely on my mother for a lot of things as well.  She’s the secretary as you well may know already. She is helping me compensate for a weak medication riddled memory – my absent mindedness precedes me.  Mom just called and said not to forget Maggie’s dog food.  Thank you, Mom. It had escaped my mind.

A-1steaksauceI am fixated on A-1 steak sauce tonight and can’t get it out of my mind.  It is so very expensive, though.  The Kroger version of A-1 is half the price, but it is just not the same as the real McCoy. I want to simmer some ground beef patties for a few hours and eat them with A-1 sauce like a poor man’s steak.  My wish will most likely come true.  I will just have to put the Twinkie's back on the shelf to compensate price wise.

A-1 Ingredients…

A.1. sauce includes tomatoes, raisin paste, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, salt, crushed orange purée, dried garlic and onions, herbs and spices, caramel color, and xanthan gum.

The US recipe differs from the original sauce by its exclusion and substitution of malt vinegar and molasses.

Sayonara Parental Units…

Mom just called me back and sad her and my father were leaving for San Diego Wednesday.  This was the first I have heard of this trip.  Mom asked me if it was going to hurt my feelings spending Thanksgiving alone.  I told her no way.  I certainly would be mentally unstable after going through all of that traveling to California. Charlie will bring me a big plate of Janice’s Thanksgiving fare when he brings my medications.

Comment Reply…

Elle said...

That's awesome that your sister brought over her kids to see you, you're their uncle and they should get to know you.
How was it having them around? Was Your sister nice to you?


It was great to have them around.  I was especially interested to see how Maggie would handle this situation and how she would handle kids, but she did swimmingly well.   My sister was very nice to me and gave me a hug and said “I love you” as they were leaving.  It certainly warmed my heart.  I love my brother and sister, but we are all so very different personality wise and our life situations are so vastly different. Elle, thank you for reading.


La Roux - Sexotheque


grilledporkchopsI am slowly getting to where I can sleep at night again. Thank goodness.  It has been a gradual process, but I feel much better now.  The seemingly continual dark of night where I felt like I was the only one up in the whole wide world depressed me.  I am still getting up very early, though.  This morning I awoke at 4:30am and went about my day, but that is pretty normal for me. McDonald’s opens at five and I drove down and got Maggie and I some sausage biscuits seeing that there is not much left in this house to eat. Even Maggie is out of food.

The Humble Pork Chop…

My father grilled some barbecued pork chops a few nights ago.  My mother told me this afternoon to come and get the leftovers or she was throwing them out.  Dad makes this really tangy and vinegary barbecue sauce from scratch.  His father always made it as well and it is oh so delicious. It would be a travesty and calamity to throw out such delicious fare and let it go to waste. I was the proud owner of three barbequed pork chops when I left my parent’s house.

The New La Roux Album…

La-RouxA couple of years ago, La Roux’s lead singer, Elle, said she was going to go a different route with her next album – a different kind of sound she said.  I had my doubts, but she stayed true to her roots and kept that 80s synth-pop sound so characteristic of her debut album in this new album Trouble in Paradise.  I was so relieved.  I have listened to the new album a few times and it is growing on me. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Super Sickly Sweet Tea From the KFC…

kfcThe dynamic duo of Charlie and my father have just left.  Dad was a true space cadet tonight – extremely tired after my sister and her kids have been here all weekend. 

“I had to do all the cooking and cleaning up,” my father told me. “Your mother stayed in the bed all weekend.”

Charlie got me a 3 piece original recipe meal tonight.  Can their chicken get any greasier?  I could feel my arteries clog as I chowed down on some fried chicken.  Charlie also brought me two cups of sweet tea, but they were too sweet to drink even for me. It’s like drinking tea flavored sugar syrup.

Gosh! I am just the food critic tonight, aren’t I?  I should just be pleasantly glad to get it. The chicken certainly was a tasty treat. I also appreciate the extra effort my father and Charlie expend making sure both families get a tasty treat of a meal every Sunday night.

Fatigue Rears Its Ugly Head…

BlisterPack1bDad was so tired tonight that he walked out to Charlie’s car with my medications in his hands without giving me my nightly dosages. That would have made for a very interesting, disastrous, and disheveled Andrew tomorrow. I would’ve been “crying uncle” around lunchtime the next day because of severe withdrawal.

“I am just bumfuzzled tonight,” my father very apologetically told me. “Thanks for reminding me.”

Dad also said he had been staying up browsing the internet from 1am to 2am in the morning when he needs to be in the bed.  He feared it was finally catching up to him.

Enter the Charlie...

A Deplorably Rainy and Early Sunday Morning…

NoCootiesMaggie woke me up at 2am.  She had some serious cooties to contend with.  I was kind of nice in that it was pouring down rain – a comforting sound even as the bed was shaking violently due to Maggie's  scratching antics.  It made me want to roll over and go back to sleep.  Maggie continued giving herself a bath at that moment, but jumped off the bed when she realized I was going to fix breakfast.  Unfortunately,  I only had three eggs left and two slices of bacon since tomorrow is grocery day.  Maggie prostrated herself on the floor until breakfast was served. At least I had plenty of grits.  Maggie got the bacon and I got the eggs.  A pot of cheesy grits rounded off this simple meal. I also toasted some raisin bread eaten with some with concord grape jelly evenly spread upon it.


Many Great Blessings Abound…

My sister brought my very busy niece and nephew (Grant and Kathleen) to see me yesterday.  It was one of the greater and most cherished surprises I’ve had in a very long time. Maggie started to squeal and bark as my sister’s Honda Odyssey pulled up to the curb and my father egressed from the van.  I worried how Maggie would react to the kids, but she handled them with aplomb.  Soon, the kids and Maggie were playing on the floor of my den.  “Roughhousing,” as my father called it.  Maggie's never been around kids and it was interesting to see how she would handle this scenario. It was enough to warm your heart.

Breakfast with the Charles Meister…

In about 5 hours, Charlie will be bringing biscuits. It will be his usual whirlwind visit. Charlie will take the time to see Maggie and then the breakfast deliveries will continue.  Sunday mornings are a day Maggie and I cherish. It’s these kinds of selfless acts like Charlie does that I want to foster in my own life.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dear Santa! I Mean Roger’s…

barbecue“What do you want from Roger’s Barbeque?” my father asked me over the phone a moment ago.

This was a total and most welcomed surprise. I got so excited to the point I almost had an anxiety attack.  I am dead serious. Well, not literally. It’s that I can’t afford Roger’s Barbeque much and getting it is such a treat.

“I would love a barbeque plate,” I told him.

I could hear my mother saying in the background that’s what she wanted, too.  I could also hear the chitter chatter of grandkids In the den as well.

“I will be by your house in a bit with your medications and your supper,” dad told me as we got off the phone.

Yes, indeed, a most fortuitous event for me today.  It seems like I eat all the time doesn’t it?.

Allergies? Me? Naw…Well…

Cricket, Lori’s cat, jumped up into my lap after dinner last night.  Lori’s cats treat me like I am some king of strange anomaly.  I am also a Jungle Jim.  Well, I was petting Cricket and I then rubbed my eye as it was itching.  I had an allergic reaction.  My eye puffed up and began to burn intensely.  Lori gave me two Benadryl she had in her medicine cabinet and I was feeling better in about an hour. For an hour there, it looked as if someone punched me in the face and gave me a shiner.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Another Helen Good Friday…

Helen Friday

I know it probably looks gross, but it was a very tasty meal.  I love creamed corn and sweet potato patties.  The creamed corn kind of made a mess on the plate, though. The chicken tenders were baked and we also had fried okra, green beans, and biscuits.

“Baby, your plate is ready,” Helen called me and said this afternoon.

I was eagerly awaiting Helen’s call. I hurriedly drove over with a stomach that was very much protesting for good eats. In a couple of hours I will be partaking in a large “the works” Papa John’s pizza as well.  I am a culinarily blessed fellow today.

My Mother Sleeps. What Does Yours Do?

SleepingBeautySomething’s bad wrong with mom and I.  My mother is giving me the cold shoulder and it has been going on all week.  I called her to put my sodas out back, and she swears things are fine.  I feel like I am in high school again being shunned by a friend for something stupid I said.

“I don’t know how to fix a problem between us if I don’t know what the problem is,” I told her as I organized my soda drop.

She still swears nothing is wrong. Dad just says she is in a depression and is on a down cycle in her mental illness. I have to be careful what I tell my father about mom and I as it will get back to her.  That is a likely scenario.  Anything said to one is likely also said to the other.  It just all feels so childish and churlish.  I headed over to get my sodas after we got off the phone.

Hold the Fort Down Dearest Maggie…

betteringrediants“Please come down and spend the night!” Lori asked me over the phone a moment ago. “We’ll order Papa John’s.  You never come down here anymore.”

Papa John’s just happens to be my most favorite pizza in the whole wide world! That's not why I am going, though.  I need to invest more time into my and Lori’s relationship.

I agreed to come on down although I would rather sleep in my own bed with the Mag dawg.  Sadly, I’m not much one for sleepovers.  I have to wait for dad to arrive around nine for the medication ritual (that’s eight Lori’s time) and then I will drive on down to Auburn.  Lori is going to order the pizza and cheese sticks as soon as I get on the interstate.

“I am warning you so don’t get mad at me for pulling out my iPad!” I said with a good hearted chuckle.

Lori says I am addicted to the internet. She can get aggravated at me about it and says I need to divert some of that attention to her.

It’s About Time for a Fred’s Dollar Store Visit…

Christmas_TreeI stopped by my favorite Fred’s this morning on the way back from getting my sodas.  I was itching to spend a little pocket change.   Do you ever get that way?  I think some people call it retail therapy. They already had some of their Christmas stuff out which greatly excited me.  I got glowing Christmas candles for each front window of my house.  I also got some tinsel for my future Christmas tree at .99 cents a pack.

In a few weeks, just after Thanksgiving, Dad and I will go pick out a Christmas tree for me at Ponder’s Plant Nursery located directly across the highway from the pharmacy my father once owned.  I’ve already checked my Christmas tree lights that were stored in the closet and they are burning brightly.  All my glass ball ornaments spent another year in storage and came out unscathed as well.

Charlie? Don’t Go!

charlieandsueI am not talking about my own special Charlie, but the special Charlie in the movie Open Range.  Kevin Costner and Annette Bening have some extremely great chemistry going on between each other. 

“Charlie?  I’ve been holding my love for a long time,” said the middle aged Sue.

That just makes me swoon!

I just watched that movie for the second time.  I do love a good western.  The greatest gun fight I’ve ever seen in a western movie is that Clint Eastwood film Unforgiven that came out in 1992.  Clint Eastwood is akin to opening up a 50 gallon barrel of whoop-ass.  Eastwood’s Gran Torino is also worthy of your time as well.

Guess what?  I am back on the web.  Watch out world!  It was so nice to wake up at 2am to find my internet working fine and my cable modem fully connected. I felt so guilty using the Wi-Fi next door. Desperate times call for desperate measures, though.  The cable guy worked for 3 hours getting me back online.  I kind of felt sorry for him having to do all that work.  He asked me to take an online survey about how his service was and I told him I would be glad to.  It only took a couple of minutes. I gave him a glowing review.

Yesterday’s Journey to Barnes…

Rib_eyeLori met me halfway to Auburn at Barnes restaurant late yesterday evening.  It is just a little hole in the wall restaurant, but they have incredible food.  Lori didn’t even know it existed. 

“Get the ribeye steak medium well,” I told Lori, but she got the fried shrimp instead.

Why do my women never listen to me? lol

They have a sour cream based sauce they serve with their steaks that is to die for.  I ate one of Lori’s fried shrimp and it was as equally delicious as well, though.  Lori got a steamed vegetable medley with lemon juice and butter as her side and I got a loaded baked potato.  They also serve warm and delicious homemade yeast rolls with their meals. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Larry the Cable Guy…

wowtruckThe cable guy has been working for an hour and my TV and internet are still not back up.  This doesn’t bode promising.  I am still using that wireless connection coming from next door. At least, I can still get online successfully.  Right now, the cable guy is running a completely new cable line to my house from the telephone pole across the street. Go Larry! Go!

Beyond the Sandman…

I say beyond the sandman as this all began to unfold as I got up from a good night’s sleep.

I called my father at eight to let him know I was awake, dressed, and ready to go.  I had been up since 4am doing laundry so I would have something to wear.

“Good man, chuck,” is what he said to me.

It was 29° degrees when I left the house.  I drove down Hwy29  at a pretty good clip – 45 mph in a 40 mph zone.  Dad called my cellphone which I cautiously and reluctantly answered as I drove.  I was praying he wasn’t going to tell me they were going to have to order another injection.

“Pick us up some breakfast at McDonald’s and I will pay you back,” he said as I let out a big sigh.

I said, “Sure thing!”

Dad wanted an egg McMuffin, large coffee, and a hash brown. I just wanted two sausage biscuits and a large orange juice.

It was just a ten minute wait at the pharmacy as I sat and ate my two sausage biscuits.  More and more employees arrived as I waited on my father to arrive, open the doors, and hand me my injection.

Flash forward to Kamath Medical Clinic.  Dee Dee at doctor Kamath’s clinic talked football for ten minutes.  For brevities sake, I keep up with the games.  I can walk the walk and talk the talk. I knew all about #1 Mississippi State falling to #5 Alabama. 

“I can’t believe Mississippi State let those scoundrels at Alabama beat them,” Dee Dee told me.

“Andrew? You can come on back now,” my beloved and most cherished nurse, Rebecca, told me saving me from having to talk football any longer.

I’ve bought several pair of pants that have elastic in the waistband.  This makes the injections much easier as I don’t have to fool with belt buckles, zippers, and buttons. There was a short feeling of being pinched and the injection was done. Dee Dee had my next appointment already set up as I walked out of the examining room.

“You ladies are awesome,” I said with a grin as I headed back to the pharmacy just a few hundred yards up the road.

“Good job, man,” my father told me as I handed him the next appointment card – his insurance that I actually got the injection. 

I grabbed two large melon flavored sports drinks out of the pharmacy’s drink cooler and headed back home.