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22 December 2014

Au Revoir Dear Sweet Darling of Mine…

meatballsLori absolutely loved her earrings to put it lightly.  She said it was the most thoughtful gift she has gotten from a boyfriend in decades.  I was very proud that she liked them.

Lori cooked her mother’s recipe spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and we also had a salad with a very tangy and delicious vinaigrette, croutons, and twisted bread sticks. I loved all of it. Lori even remembered the grated parmesan cheese I love so much on such dishes.

The Journey Begins…

“I’ll call you when I get to my parent’s house,” Lori told me as I watched her drive off this morning.

I locked Lori’s apartment and headed homewards this morning as I had to get my commercial driver’s license renewed in Lafayette, Alabama. $55 bucks later, with a new picture taken, I was set for four more years.  I was so relieved when there weren’t any lines or the usual rigmarole.  I was also so very relieved they didn’t give me an eye exam.

I did find a real and very large pearl earring on the floor where I sat and gave it to one of the ladies working in the driver’s license office.  The owner came out and personally thanked me.

“Do you want to renew your Haz-Mat status?” my officer then asked as I stood at the counter. “We will need fresh fingerprints and an updated background check.”

“Just let it lapse,” I told the very animated soul sitting behind the counter in front of me.

21 December 2014

Dressing Up Tonight!


diamond earrings[6]

Tonight is Lori’s and my Christmas tonight.  We get to exchange gifts.  Lori is also cooking a very nice and posh meal.  I do hope she likes her earrings.  I have no idea what she got me, but I have hinted to her that I “might” have gotten her some jewelry. 

She heads to Birmingham in the morning to spend Christmas with her parents and her brother’s family. She told me on the phone earlier that she would have a much better Christmas just spending it with me, the cats, and also Maggie.   Lori’s best friend in town is taking good care of the little monsters(cats) while Lori is gone.

“Oh, I am just going to be goofing off and fixated with computer stuff all Christmas!” I told her to a laugh.

I just called my father and told him we need to take medications early tonight so him and Charlie are coming at 6pm which is 5pm Lori’s time.  They are currently covering each other’s porches with plastic sheeting for the winter.  Dad is also bringing a big bowl of freshly boiled fresh shrimp from the Gulf Coast and some Heinz cocktail sauce.  I am debating on whether to take that to Lori’s apartment or not as an appetizer.

Hulk Smashing Loki (The Avengers) -- My favorite Scene from the movie!

Bless You Dear Charlie…

christmas bowling“And the rituals go on,” I smiled as I said that to Charlie as he walked across my yard with breakfast.

He smiled as well as he handed me my two McDonald’s sausage biscuits and a very cold Coca-Cola.

“It could be the second coming of Christ,” Charlie said. “And Horsefly would still have to go bowling!”

I laughed, but it is very true. Nothing stops our routines when it concerns the Horsefly.

Charlie asked me if I could help him move some furniture in his garage and I said I would be glad to – for him just to come get me when he was ready, or I could drive over.

20 December 2014

My Faith in Humanity is Restored…

coconut cakeAs you may already know, my father and mother, and Charlie’s family as well are having Christmas at  my sister’s house in Alexander City this afternoon.

Amazingly, my father remembered to bring my medications on his way home from work at noon. I got a little hyper when he did that.  Dad said I was talking really fast and asked if I was manic.  I was just excited because this afternoon would be so very pleasant. I would be comfortably numb for most of the day.  Usually, I take my medications at night and go to bed as their effects make me so very drowsy.  Let’s hope they won’t make me so drowsy today being the middle of the day as it is. I do believe I am going to comfortably chill out in front of the computer for most of the day with no other pressing matters or plans.

I also have two of Helen’s to-go plates for when I get hungry in a few hours and they are just jam-packed full of food. On one plate, Helen put three cuts of cubed steak in it! Things are looking up today.  I just drove over to get them along with my Coke Zeros.  I still have one more plate for tomorrow as well.  I made my father promise he would save some of that coconut cake for tomorrow.  He promised me that he would.

A Nice Sunrise!

breaking dawn[6]

19 December 2014

And the Rain Softly and Gently Falls…


It’s a fitting rain for a cold winter’s night.  This would make for a pretty snowfall for a more northern latitude.  Dad just called me on his cellphone and told me to check the radar on my computer.

“Looks like it may rain all night!” my father told me.

“It will be raining tomorrow as well,” I replied. “Be careful on your drive to Alexander City in the morning!”

Charlie and Family are also going to my sister’s home as well for some early Christmas celebrations. Dad’s taking the freshly prepared coconut cake and I told him to be sure and save some for me.  I was invited and welcomed to come, but decided this mentally nervous old fool needs to stay home with the Magster.  I am going to have a quiet and rainy day at home.

Mom is going to call me in the morning around 10am to come get my three Helen to-go plates and six Coke Zeros before they leave.

Sling Blade - You Will Be Happy (1996) HD

My favorite scene in Sling Blade...

Soul Food Friday…

Helen has taken to calling me “Boo” which is an African American term of endearment for a younger person or child.   I smile every time she says it to me.  She said it yesterday as well.

Today Helen cooked colored butterbeans, broccoli with a lemon butter sauce, rice and gravy, fried okra, cube steak and gravy, and some really, really good biscuits.


A Very Pretty Dawn…


Cruelest Almost Always to Ourselves…

ashtrayI just dumped out a whole ashtray of cigarette butts.  They have been sitting on a shelf in my computer room for months.,  I had a craving to smoke some “butts”.   I can’t believe after all this time I am still having cravings for cigarettes – powerful cravings indeed. 

Starting smoking again means no more monthly computer parts as well.  That quickly overrode my cravings as I emptied the ashtray in my trashcan in the kitchen. 

“Good riddance!” I said as the problem was hopefully solved.  Surely I won’t go through all that mess in the trashcan to get a cigarette butt to smoke. 

Helen Friday…

Maggie007[4]I just called and woke up my mother wanting to know what Helen was cooking.  Mom remembered that we are having cube steak and steamed broccoli.  That’s all she could remember. Dad had overrode my salmon croquettes.  I got off the phone to allow her to go back to sleep. I hope Helen cooks her sticky rice and biscuits which would be traditional with this meal.

I warmed up a Marie Callender’s Swedish meatballs meal for lunch a moment ago.  It was quite tasty with some sharp cheddar cheese sprinkled on the top.  Maggie begged and begged and I gave her some when I had my fill of it.

18 December 2014

“Welcome to the Real World,” She Said to Me Condescendingly…


I played a couple movie clips from that film Sling Blade (1996) for my father tonight and he loved it – the poignant scene were Karl tells the little boy that he loves him and puts his arm around his shoulders.

I also showed him the clip were Karl kills Doyle with a lawnmower blade.  That wretched Doyle. He got what he deserved.

I walked into my computer room to get the full movie on DVD for my father.  The movie clips were uploaded to my iPad. Dad wanted to see more of the film. Interestingly, my parents now have a Blu-Ray player that also plays DVDs.

“I’m looking forward to watching this tonight,” my father said as we watched the clips and we went about the medication ritual. 

“Don’t you wish Horsefly was that high functioning?” I asked dad.

“It would make Charlie cry for Horsefly to do something like that,” my father replied.

Christmas at Julia’s…

Mom called me later this evening and was just a talkin’ on the phone. 

“Your daddy made a lime and cottage cheese congealed salad for me to take to Julia’s Christmas party this evening,” my mother told me. “It was delicious.”

She wanted to know what I did with myself all day other than move those computer parts inside.   I told her not much except I got my injection this morning.  She also said their meal was potluck and they had really good food. 

“I love potluck meals!” I exclaimed to her. “That’s the only reason I would be a Baptist.”

Maggie Had Some Downtime This Afternoon…

031510_0076 copy[2]

Wintry Looking Sunset at Dusk…

wintry sunset

Time For Some Peace and Quiet Around Here as Christmas Approaches…

Peace-and-quietCriticism is very tough for me to take.  I think it is tough for all of us to take to some degree.  Especially for someone as sensitive and socially awkward as I am. It shocked me at first when everyone started to chime in about Helen – I couldn’t see what I did wrong.  I do hope I handled it with grace.  What happened the other day has rarely happened on this blog unless I have done something completely stupid like drink beer or start smoking again. I do believe I handled it correctly, though, and rectified what was wrong. 

Imagine the amount of criticism I would get if George and I started to rekindle our friendship and massive amounts of beer and cigars would be consumed again like the old days – our days of drunken debauchery. 

Helen Fridays…

Helen called me today and asked me what I wanted her to cook tomorrow.  I told her I wanted fried salmon croquettes. 

“Your daddy is going to complain about the frying salmon stinking up the house,” she told me with a chuckle. “But I will tell him that’s what you want.”

Come On and Make Me Smile…

viluhard“I think your computer parts are here,” my mother told me over the phone. “They are too heavy for me to pick them up.  Actually, there are several boxes.  One says speakers and another says monitor.”

“I’ll be over in a moment to put them inside the foyer,” I replied to my mother.

As impatient a driver as can be, I hurried over to my parent’s house – excited to see if they were really here.

If I was unscrupulous, I could carry one box home and my parents would never know.  Dad has no idea what these computer parts look like or what they are. My father just gave Matt his credit card and told him to order them.

I arrived at my parent’s house with mom standing under the portico still dressed in her pajamas and house coat.

“I was afraid someone would steal them,” my mother said.  “And don’t forget your Cokes on the back deck.”

I quickly put the very heavy boxes inside. kissed mom goodbye, and headed back home after getting my sodas off the back porch. I was so excited for them to actually be here.  Deep in the back of my mind, I thought my father might have messed up the order and it worried me.

The Injection that Was Almost Forgotten…

kidscartooncolor2_medium5I was sound asleep when Maggie woke me.  She was wanting a back scratch as she often does these days. I looked at the clock and said, “Oh shit!”  Dad and I had both forgotten my Risperdal Consta injection.  I called my father and told him I would be at the pharmacy in ten minutes.  I basically left the house in my pajamas – sweat pants and a t-shirt.

“I was just about to call you,” Rebecca, my nurse, told me. “It was good to see you sign in. I was getting worried.”

Rebecca was so very excited about her young daughter’s Christmas. 

“She’s is a tad bit spoiled rotten,” Rebecca told me with a smile and a laugh as she regaled me about some of the things her daughter would get Christmas morning.

“Thank you, son,” my father said upon my arrival back at the pharmacy. “You handled that like an adult.”

“You need to thank Maggie,” I told my father in jest. “She’s the one who woke me up this morning.

I made a point to thank Matt once again for ordering my Christmas computer parts. He was asking me about solid state drives which are all the rage in computer enthusiast circles at the moment.

“Best upgrade you will ever do to your computer,” I told him. “Both of my computers have solid state drives in them.”

17 December 2014

True to His Word…

topsecretDad explicitly promised me tonight during the medication ritual that he didn’t say anything to Helen.  I felt as if Atlas's huge load had been lifted from my shoulders.

“Helen is a worldly woman,” my father told me. “And you are naive.  I just don’t want you to get hurt unintentionally.”

I love Helen and would hate to cause her harm and bring down my father’s wrath upon her. She has worked for my father for eleven long years.  My father is just overly protective of me as we have both come so far these past few years. 

Looking Upon the Brighter Side of Life…

chocolatepieMy father baked two chocolate pies tonight before he came over. It was one of the reasons he was running rather late.  I am going to have me a big slice of silky smooth chocolate pie he brought me and a glass of cold whole milk before bed.  That just sounds like heaven to me.

Blessings Bestowed…

It has been very nice lately with Maggie curled up against my chest as we sleep.  This morning she was sprawled out on top of the covers as I awoke.

A Christmas Snow…


Did you know we had snow in Alabama on Christmas day a couple of years ago?  It was an exceedingly rare occurrence.  I think it had been over a hundred years since this last happened. 

Comment Reply…

Summer said...

You've done so well these past few years, getting out on your own and running errands, etc. Do you feel like you could do your weekly shopping alone now?

Andrew Replies…

Summer, I so wish I could as it was make my life much less of a hassle.  It seems I am always waiting on my parents for things such as shopping.  Dad calls himself my moderator and there is a good reason he would add.  Often in the past I would spend beyond my means – drinking a 12 pack of beer every night grows expensive.  I do think I would do fine doing my grocery shopping without my hand being held these days, though.  So yes, I do think I would be fine now doing my shopping on my own.