Friday, April 24, 2015

Why Don’t You Get Your Own Facebook Account?

11140330_1401045793551576_9164879035119469391_nI asked that once again tonight as my father immediately after administering my medications wanted me to pull up Facebook on my iPad.  My uncle had posted pictures of my great great grandparents and it fascinated my father. 

“I’m more interested in your mother’s lineage than she is,” dad told me with a good hearted smirk.

“Why don’t I set you up an account tomorrow and send you the log in information?”

“I don’t want all those people messaging me,” he said once again as if I had offended him. “I will feel obligated to answer back.”

Dad relies on me for pictures of the grandkids put on Facebook as well. My sister-in-law will call my father and tell him to check my iPad.

The Giddy One…

Can I tell you something?  I was so very awesomely glad to get my medications tonight that is was giddy with glee. I’ll have a few hours of focus and attention until they make me so sleepy I must sleep. The wait for my father to get here can feel excruciating.  I guess I am officially a junkie!  I just wish the effects would last much longer!

Wow Her With Flowery Words…

Lori just called for our good night phone visit.  I told her my favorite place in the whole Magnolia State to be was in bed with her.  She said I should have just see her heart melt at that sentiment. We then discussed our days.   

“Love you, sweetheart,” she told me as we got off the phone. 


Hyacinth-Bucket-talking-to-Sheridan-on-her-white-slimline-with-automatic-redial“Mom?” I asked my mother over the phone being lazy. “Will you have dad bring my Sprite Zeros when he comes tonight with my medications?”

“I would come and get them if I were you,” The Secretary replied. “He’s been drinking wine and will forget.”

I chuckled.  Into the car and away we went.

Dad was talking incessantly on his phone and calling mom and I Hyacinth and Sheridan from that British comedy Keeping Up Appearances

“What do you need now?” my father asked me laughing jovially. “Money for needle point classes?”

“You should be offended,” my mother told me as we walked to the back door together.

I just laughed it off.  I was more worried about getting my drinks as I had a terrible thirst. I called mom when I got home and told her I was a lot like her and wasn’t taking any chances about about getting my sodas when I heard dad was drinking. We were both serious today and weren't playing any games. My father was more interested in much mischief. 

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Let Her Bark!

Well, I am back up at 5:30am so maybe I am making progress on the drowsiness front.  I woke up feeling rested and with no coercion. I wonder if I am going through a depression?  You never know with my fickle mind.

Maggie is outside protecting the property.  She’s only occasionally barking and not that steady obnoxious drone she can emit when she gets riled up or feels insecure. I am hoping she will come back inside in a moment. 

Moments later…

Pitching a fit about something!

Whew! Got her back in. I think deer spooks Maggie more than anything.  I hope she didn’t wake the neighbors.  She is laying on the bed licking her paws at the moment as she will often do when she feels content. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I am Tired Y’all. Ya Know?

Why-are-We-Still-Using-Rocket-Engines-for-Space-Travel-2I’ve been mostly sleeping around the clock for the past three days since my injection was administered.  I feel so utterly drowsy and groggy.  It is is hard to shake the funks.  I am up now cause Papa just left after doing the medication ritual. He said someone I know on Facebook was in the pharmacy today telling him how brilliant I am.  “Brilliant is as brilliant does,” I countered. The woman he was talking of is a sweetheart, though.  She has steadfast convictions and upholds them staunchly on Facebook

Stage 1 Ignite…

One thing I didn’t add to the post about my mother and the tub was that she accidently let loose some flatulence as we were straining and exerting to pull her upwards.  Bubbles came floating up vigorously from her posterior region through the water.

“That’s your booster rocket firing,” I told my mother with a smile. “That’s going to help us get you up and out of here.”

We all three got to laughing. Helen was wiping the tears from her eyes.  As soon as mom was up, Helen wrapped my mother in a huge towel.

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Taking a Bath Secretary Style…

“Baby!” Helen frantically said on the phone. “Your momma done gone got in the tub and can’t get out!”

“I’m heading over right now!” I replied.

When I got there, Helen and The Secretary were laughing and giggling in mom’s back bathroom.  I smiled.

“Just what mischief are you two up to, I pray tell?” I asked, making my entrance.

“Here,” mom said. “Let me hold on to your arms and you pull me out.”

I hoisted mom to her feet and then Helen helped her get dried off and dressed.  Sometimes the age of my parents escapes me.  Mom will be 70 next March. Dad is 68 as well.

“Baby, I sho‘nuff don’t know what we would have done without you!” Helen told me as my mother was climbing back into the bed. “Your mother was wrinkling up something terrible like a prune!”

To my mother’s credit, she has lost 30 pounds in the past few months.

As I was leaving, mom said, “Don’t tell your daddy.”

“I won’t say a word,” I replied.

Mom made Helen promise as well.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2

Emotional Blackmail…

This is the kind of emotional blackmail I see all the time on Facebook.  Can you imagine a Facebook post post being the Atlas marker that maps out the rest of your life? “I knew I should have chosen Jesus and not stayed silent and choose Satan.”  Bunch of rabble-rousers trying to stir up something.  It gets old.  What’s even worse?  They forgot the wings on Satan!!!!   Harrumph!


Corned Beef Hash…

bb-recipes-hashThat’s what my parents were having for supper tonight.  Corned beef hash and a pan of corn bread.  I had arrived to get my diet sodas and knocked on the door to see what they were doing.  Good moods abounded around my parent’s table tonight.  Dad must have asked me four times if I wanted some hash.

“It’s homemade,” he told me. “You would love a bowl.”

“I will take a glass of sweet tea!” I then happily replied.

My father makes the best sweet tea following in his mother’s great tradition.

I declined the hash one more time and was soon on my way after drinking my glass of tea.  The Secretary started to obsess that my fingernails needed trimming.

“Yes they do, but we aren’t going to start all of that in the middle of supper,” I told her tersely.

Dad will thank me for that tonight during the medication ritual I bet you ten bucks.  I also bet dad will bring me a big bowl of hash for supper as well.  

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Mission 32XB–Retrieve Sodas and Pickled Sausages…

When Maggie saw me grab the leash off the piano, she about freaked out barking and jumping up on me.  Yes indeed we were going for a walk this morning. I started out this morning’s mission listening to Coast to Coast AM on my little Sony radio, but my paranoia got the best of me as I felt someone could sneak up behind me and commit mischief and I wouldn’t even know it was coming. It is an eerie feeling to have – like a loss of control.  

The walk was a long one as Maggie had to stop and sniff practically everything.  It was like an inmate who escaped jail.  She wanted to savor this experience and life in general. 

“Come on, Maggie, let’s carry on,” I would tell her.

It was Police city as usual as the cops were filling up their patrol cars for the next shift when Maggie and I arrived at the Circle K convenience store just below my house.  I grabbed my needed items, paid, and then Maggie and I were on our way again.  The dude running the helm didn’t look like the talking type so I headed on my way and didn’t dawdle.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Solid Case of the Nods…

As I lay my head down to sleep…   One of the worst side effects of the day of my injection is I have the nods all day after it is administered.  I have the nods something terrible right now.  I could lay my head down on this keyboard and fall comfortably asleep.  I know if I go lay down and fall asleep on the bed, my father will arrive with my medications and I would be groggy – a feeling I hate and the feel good police might think that I’ve taken something.  It is best to stay awake in the land of squalid miserableness – a most pronounced squalid sleeplessness.

Edit: As soon as I lay down on the bed, I fell sound asleep and then was abruptly awakened by Maggie alerting me that my father was here.  C’est la vie. 

The Two that are Easily Amused…

inset-34328-45374PZ“How did you find out about those pill pockets?” my mother asked as we watched Maggie gobble up her heartworm and flea medications this afternoon. “That is the neatest thing to watch her do that.”

We would usually have to shove them down her throat and pray she didn’t cough them back up.

Dad found them at Petco in Auburn due to my mother’s urgings.  The veterinarian didn’t have them. The Secretary shall not be daunted.

“Some folks on my blog told me,” I replied. “I’m forever in their debt.”

“Tell them I said thank you,” mom told me.

So there you have it blog readers.  My mother officially thanks you!

Mom was headed to eat Mexican with Mrs. Sandra.  Mom handed me Maggie's real treat which was her half dozen Vienna sausages.  She gobbled them up as well. I didn’t think to ask my mother why they are eating Mexican tonight instead of Thursday. She said she would bring me my usual #9 meal.   

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Apt Apprehension…

I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head at the moment.  Things like why did Adam and Eve have belly buttons in all the classical paintings? My main worry is that my injection is this morning and it has been a true arduous test of my mettle to get myself in presentable shape today.  I actually feel nervous about driving down Hwy 29 and meeting my father at the pharmacy – butterflies fluttering in my stomach as if it were a butterfly arboretum. “You’re not going to have a wreck,” I keep repeating in my mind.

The Cornucopia is Closed…

Well, I spent the last of my birthday money on groceries last night – a $125 dollars worth. There is going to be a lot of cooking going on in Andrew’s kitchen the next few days.

“Why didn’t you ask for a computer part?” my father asked stymied as we walk to our cars last night.

“I thought I would save you from all that ordering rigmarole,” I replied with a smile. “Oh, don’t think I didn’t have my eyes set upon two sticks of random access memory for $80.”

Monday, April 20, 2015

Communing With the Mommas and the Papas…

easy-beef-vegetable-soupI walked into my parent’s posh den this afternoon to the sound of National Public Radio playing on an old alarm clock on a table in the same room.  There was also the smell of previously fried bacon and a hint of something wonderful cooking in the crock pot. I would dare say we are having vegetable beef soup for supper.

“What you doing, Chuck?” my father asked me looking almost immobile in his recliner.

“Oh nothing,” I replied. “I just wanted to visit with you all for a moment.”

The Secretary was obsessing over some eye drops I need to moisten my contacts. Something's never change.

I noticed it was 4pm and my father still had his pajamas on.  You just know he has to be exhausted after all the grandkid activity last week.  Dad will be 70 is a couple of years so he is no spring chicken. 

As for me?  I stayed up all night dicking around with all my computers.  Each computer now has 16 GB of ram installed (which is overkill, but I love it). I had a helluva time getting them all working correctly. My motherboards were acting very finicky. When I saw dawn on the horizon, I realized I better hit the hay and get some sleep.

“How much birthday money do I have left to spend tonight on groceries?” I then asked my father.

“:You have about $50 dollars left to spend,” he replied as he then called me Martha.

I grinned inwardly.  The Secretary certainly would want to know such things as well as my father aptly pointed out. 

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Let’s Not Be Awake and Alone in Our Endeavors…

puppy_eyes_by_ciuky<-------   Feed me! I am hungry! That’s a similar look the Magdalena was giving me this morning.

About an hour ago found me laying in bed sound asleep and then I felt this sharply cold little nose nuzzle the palm of my hand.  Maggie was also making mewling noises as I call them.  I looked at the alarm clock above my head and it was just past 4am. 

“Are you that hungry that you would wake me this time of the night?” I asked Maggie with incredulousness.

Thirty minutes past the hour and a big breakfast was consumed.  I mumbled to Maggie about the kitchen once being clean. We had cheese grits, Black Label bacon, homemade biscuits, and fried eggs. Get this! Maggie was still hungry after all that so I fixed a bowl of her kibble and poured some whole milk in it.  That’s a treat she really loves.

Charlie will be by about 10am with our breakfast biscuits from McDonald's.  Hopefully that will give the Magster and I time to digest some of this big breakfast and then to consume again.  Gluttony is the name of the game today.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

To Know Lori is to be Lori…

chick-fil-a_meal1Lori drove up from Auburn and brought Chic-Fil-A for supper.  I was amazed the sandwiches were still nice and warm when I opened the packages.  Lori got the grilled version and said it was really tasty.  We’re fixing to get to start cleaning the house as I’ve had a busy week and things are untidy. It drives me crazy when the house gets like it is presently. Lori is going to vacuum dog hair including all the floor rugs, and my job is the hardest and that is to get the kitchen back in shape.  When you cook all the time, things can get messy quickly.  My glass top stove needs a little spit and polish to say the least.

I got on a mentally ill fueled bit of total craziness yesterday – all that Google+ stuff.  Sorry, you will have to excuse me about that.  I don’t do it often, but yesterday was just one of those days as I titled the post.  I really did think Blogger was headed to its demise.

The funny, poignant highlight of today was timing how fast it took Maggie to use the bathroom as it has been raining here all day.  She was out and in lickety split. Lori got to softly laughing as we stood at the laundry room windows.  She was still soaking wet and wanted a back rub and a back scratch.  Maggie? I’ll have to take a rain check on that. 

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

It’s Just One of those Days…

the next new drugMy mind is just racing away today – playing tricks on me.  It is mild for what it could be, but it is disconcerting.  I don’t want any mentally ill brains malfunctioning around here. I’ve had to turn all electronics and music off and lay down in the quiet a few times. Of course, Maggie relishes a bed companion.  I had such a damn good day yesterday and only started to falter about the time my father was to arrive with my medications. He showed up about 9:30pm.

Maggie’s yeast infection came back with a vengeance this week so I gave her another much needed bath.  She will pout with me for a day or two until things get back to normal.  I hate to do it, but she is just miserable without those baths.  Her skin gets really, really dry and she scratches incessantly.  It gets tiresome to watch her scratch like that and dig at her skin.

I am fearing the end of blogs today and future proofing myself for it.  Getting ready for when Google flips the switch from Blogger to Google+.  It's coming just like they closed Google Reader. All photos and videos will be over at my Google+ page from now on. You can read the blog over there (Actually, you can’t. It just sends you back to here.) as well if you want to try something different.  I’ve been trying out Google+ seeing how things work.  It is a very unintuitive piece of software.  Maybe today is not a good day to obsess over such things as I will get it all in a mess as muddled as my mind is.

Okay, Here’s the Deal…

I can post to Blogger and Google+ at the same time.  I just can’t use my wonderful Window’s Live Writer in the process.  Expect some crappy posts before I get the kinks worked out. 

Migrating as in Wildebeest…

I am probably going to start migrating to Google+ over the next few weeks.  I wrote today’s blog post over there this afternoon.  A short Maggie tale of her getting a bath.   Maybe, somehow, I will figure how to post here as well as there at the same time.  That would be ideal for those that prefer this format.


I had to link my blog to my Google+ page to get Google+ comments which are simple to post a comment with… that is if you have a Google account.  Sorry, but no more anonymous comments and they were just getting interesting.  If you want to comment bad enough then simply sign up for a Google account and you will be posting comments all you want.