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26 July 2010

Super Excited! Big Storms Around! Hearing Thunder Now!

Thunder Booming!


5 Crickets Chirped:

This IS The Fun Part! said...

And the mother in me forces me to write, "Drive to that sushi dinner carefully, dear!" I swear, she held me a gun point and made me do that!!


justLacey said...

You even sound a little different. Do you notice it? A little peppier. Enjoy your storm.

Justfly said...

I love thunderstorms!

Summer said...

I love weather too! We had a storm here yesterday afternoon that you would have LOVED!

Mary K said...

We finally got our last night around 9 pm. I thought we were going to miss out but the radar just exploded like popcorn. I'll be posting some lightning footage over on my livejournal later if you want to check it out. :D