Thursday, February 17, 2011

George’s Hamburger Supermodel Quotient…

“Ah, she needs to eat quite a few hamburgers or three,” George told me of one of the buxom, blonde, but unnaturally thin ladies in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition.

It’s no secret that George and I both like larger women – big beautiful women or BBWs as they are called on the Web.

“Most women on TV or in the media all need to eat a few hamburgers,” I honestly replied to George. “They all look emaciated, skeletal and gaunt. Sunken cheeks are just not sexy to me unless you are into the just crawled out of a concentration camp look.”

“Look at this lady from Russia,” I told George as I handed him the magazine and his eyes grew opened wide. 

“Now, she’s voluptuous,” George said excitedly. “She probably only needs about one hamburger.”

I got giddy and started to laugh at my and George’s “rating” all the models based on what I now call George’s hamburger supermodel quotient.   It was a fun if silly way to end my shift this morning. 

Not Going to be the Vegan Spokesperson Anytime Soon…

I also took the opportunity to ask George what he thought of all the Vegans in the world this morning for a cheap thrill.  Certain topics can sure push George’s buttons and this is one of them.  And you thought the Protestant's disdain for the Catholics was bad.

“They are starving themselves to a slow death,” George told me very animatedly.  “I heard most have to end up taking vitamin and mineral supplements to just survive in later years.”

I raised an eyebrow at George saying that.  George’s sources of information such as this can be kind of spurious at best and cause me great skepticism.  George then started his “nuts and twigs” speech and I couldn’t help but smile.  You have to remember that Mrs. Florene is a wonderful Southern soul food cook so George was raised a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  He just has a tendency to be blatantly biased.

A Memorable iPod Moment…

“Can you change the batteries on the iPod?” a fellow asked me last night after buying an iPod from me the night before last. 

“Sadly, No,” I replied to the man. “We live in the age of throwaway electronics. It would probably be cheaper just to buy a new iPod even if you could change the battery.”

I did make the guy feel better when I told him my iPod was over a year old and working just as good as the day it was bought the Christmas before last. 


My father claims my mother and I go through psychiatric cycles.  He says it is easy to tell when we are up or down or going through a transition.  I will have to admit my foray into “darkness” for two months after being on a high for many months was telling.  I just don’t think there is a drug to cure it, though. Is depression even quantifiable? And what really is the efficacy of all these drugs that are prescribed for it? Winston Churchill would call this his “black dog” that plagued him from time to time causing him a deep feeling of melancholy.  I feel it is just natural feelings we all express and feel in life. Some of us just feel them more acutely and deeply. Mom cycles on a regular week to week basis.  Right now, she is sleeping a lot and not answering the phone.  Next week, she will be calling me a lot and driving around running errands. 


Sharon said...

There's a show on Current TV called "Kill It, Cook It, Eat It". The show I saw took a bunch of people to a farm where they killed their own chickens, plucked them, and cooked their own chicken nuggets. They also showed how fast food chicken nuggets are made (they only have 27% chicken in them) - along with wheat protein, fat, water. I couldn't decide what was more disgusting, watching them kill the chickens or seeing what goes into commercial chicken nuggets. Both made nuts and twigs sound appetizing!

amelia said...

I have been a nuts and twigs person all my life and I'm the healthiest person I know!!!

LDAlvarez said...

I had a 3 year old Ipod touch. I changed out the battery for 79$ and gave it to my little brother when I bought my ipad. I have seen cheaper batteries on line.

forsythia said...

Cycles are sure better than the alternative. At least when you're depressed, you know you'll cycle out of it sooner or later. This has always given me hope.