Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Great Biscuit Crusade Continues…

“Were you asleep?” mom asked me very sheepishly over the phone this morning.

“Not yet,” I told her to assuage her worries. “But I will be soon. I am winding down to head to bed. I’ve already had my shower.”

Mom went on to tell me she has been looking for even better sausage biscuits for the dogs.  She ran a small bag of “Aunt B’s frozen biscuits” to me last hour for me to try.”

I have to admit that they were just about as good as the biscuits you can get a McDonald’s.  Mom was so very relieved and hoped the dogs would enjoy them.  This dogged (no pun intended) determination about this biscuit crusade is how mom got through graduate school, raised three kids, and put dinner on the table every night on top of doing all that.

“I’ll get you a big bag tomorrow when I buy your groceries,” my mother said and then she got off the phone. 

My Moral Compass…

“What do you mean by that?” my father asked yesterday very intrigued.

I had just told him my brother was my moral compass when we were growing up.  I would sometimes have trouble discerning right from wrong and Alex would guide me in the correct decision to make.  Dad thought it was a very interesting thing to say.  My brother had the morals of an Eagle Scout.


pattycakes said...

you make me want to go to mcdonalds for a biscuit lol you have a great way of telling stories , you should have your own radio show at late nite, i bet lots of people would listen
have a good one love to read your blog :0 your mom is so cute

justLacey said...

I love catching up on your blog posts when I have forgotten to read for a while. It kind of makes me feel that all is right in the world when I get to come over and see that you are ok.

Summer said...

I love these biscuit stories. We need to have a biscuit throw down!