Saturday, March 12, 2011

I walked out of what was a slow night of work this morning to what I hope is winter’s last gasp.  All our trees are leafing and budding out and I had my first phone call of the season to mow a lawn yesterday.  We didn’t have a heavy frost, but the temperature was still hovering around freezing – cold enough for long johns and a heavy jacket if you were working outside.  George was standing off to the side near the garden center smoking a cigarette and walked over when he noticed me walking out of the store.  George seemed especially nervous this morning.  I noticed he was fidgety and his hands were shaking. 

“I don’t mean to pry, but when was the last time you honestly had a drink?” George asked me.

“Oh, it was about last June or July,” was my reply. 

“Does it ever get easier?  This not drinking thing?” George asked.

“You will still occasionally want a drink from time to time, but is does get easier,” I replied in all honesty and with the hopes to bolster George’s spirits. “You will gradually obsess over the urge to drink less and less.  You grow to be less impulsive.”

George left me after finishing his cigarette and continued to bring in carts.  I was worried about my friend on the drive home from work this morning.  I was trying to think of “good” things we could do this weekend to take his mind off of drinking beer.  George seems to ride this razor thin line between freedom and going back to jail.  Personally? I have been amazed at how well he has done on parole. He is giving his mother the perfect gift a son could give – a gift of sobriety and calmness to their lives after years of substance abuse.     

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forsythia said...

You are a true friend to George. Best wishes to him in his journey to sobriety, one day at a time.

Rita Mosquita said...

You can be so proud of who you are today! I know how it goes though; we can all fall from grace in a heartbeat. Do you keep a journal, other than your blog, about food, beverages, events, and how you are feeling? I really think we can see patterns in our lives when we do. I have a friend who has journaled for years (decades, actualy). The patterns are so evident to her.

azjuleseleven said...

You have a beautiful grasp on life once again. How does it feel?

PipeTobacco said...


When did George take up cigarettes? I had thought he was a cigar (aka Swisher Sweets) fellow?


Tee said...

You are a real encouragement to George. It is truly amazing where you are today.

Syd said...

I'm glad that he is doing well. Has he tried AA? Being among fellow alcoholics in recovery could help him.

justLacey said...

I hate that George is struggling, but I love that he has you for a friend and his mom for support. He is a lucky man.