Thursday, January 19, 2012

iPad Adulation…

I was sitting in McDonalds very early this morning eating their “Big Breakfast” platter which wasn’t very big.  Why I didn’t just drive down a few more feet to the Waffle House which has a much, much better breakfast omelet baffles me as well. Maybe it was the cost of eating there and then a tip.  I did get Maggie two .99 cent sausage biscuits as a treat which she devoured soon and shortly after my arrival home. She was a very happy dog and on her favorite perch dozing off which is the back of the couch and her favorite pastime when I headed to the Literacy Center.

I was about to leave for home and then head for volunteering when a older man passing by commented on my iPad which was sitting on the table and asked me about it. He was kind of overly friendly according to my sensitive mental illness nature and the walls I put up in protection and defense. He reminded me of the many boisterous Southern Baptist preachers I’ve met over the years – trampling all over your boundaries.  .

“It is great for browsing the Internet and shopping online,” I happily chirped to the man and then I let him hold it. “I read most of my favorite magazines with it as well.”

“My, that’s surprisingly heavy,” he said with a broad smile. “It doesn't feel cheap as I feared.”  

He said he was going home to convince his wife one more time that he just had to have one.  I still say the iPad is America’s most serious and dangerous time waster. 

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Tee and Hubby said...

Add the little iphones to the list of items that encourage you to waste time.