Saturday, February 25, 2012

Welcome to Pleasantville USA…

It is shaping up to being a nice, if chilly, and quite a dark start to the day. Dearest Maggie and I made it on our two mile walk.  Some deer and Maggie met and almost scared each other to death along the way.  My heart sure was pumping furiously as the adrenaline began to flow into my veins as those deer flew out of the bushes.  I am always surprised when there are so many deer within town. I’ve hit two deer with my CR-V in the past few years and both times it happened in broad daylight and in the city limits.

“Don’t worry,” I told Maggie. “That’s as big as the fauna gets around here, not counting Bigfoot.”

Ah, Bless!

Gritty Grits…

Someone on the blog asked about instant grits versus regular grits. This can be a touchy and contested subject, but interesting none-the-less.  Instant grits are quickly cooked then freeze dried and cooked to rehydrate once more again making them lackluster at best but quick within a matter of minutes if you like gritty grits. Real grits are simmered on mild to medium heat and cooked for around 20 to 30 minutes leaving them very rich and creamy and not at all like sand or grit.   A little dap of butter and you have a creamy Southern tradition ready to eat. I personally prefer cheddar cheese on my grits. I will sometimes even crumble bacon into a bowl of grits. Oh, don’t forget the salt to kick up those grits a notch. There is nothing worse than grits not seasoned.

Isn’t polenta the Spanish or Mexican version of grits? I need to try that sometime. I remember it being golden yellow and similar to being congealed.

It’s Getting Quite Comical or Scary?

It happened again last night.   No voices yet. The staccato almost stereo—like sound of rapping on the joists in the attic. It went on intermittently for about an hour. My poltergeist was hard working on a early Saturday morning. I wish I could be so affable to think I have a ghost, but my analytical mind says no.


Josie Two Shoes said...

I love your early morning walks, Andrew! It takes real fortitude to get out there in the chilly dark and get some fresh air and exercise. I know both you and Maggie feel better for starting your day off this way!

I grew up in the "gritless" Midwest, but have definitely become a grits affectionado since moving to Texas. I totally agree, they can be delicious or just "gritty" depending on how they're made. Cheesey bacon grits... you have my mouth watering!!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I'm not a lover of grits, but then I don't like most breakfast foods. Gee, I wonder what you have in your attic - squirrels, mice, Casper, ???

Tee said...

Unseasoned grits are terrible, but just add lots of butter, or better yet sharp cheddar cheese, now you are talking. This southern girl loves cooked grits, not so much the instant grits. My husband and I call instant grits, fake grits.

Have you checked your attack for critters? They do make noise at night and they can cause lots of damage. If they are squirrels a tender trap will take care of them, but you have to make sure the entrance is closed off to keep them out. If it's rodents a rat trap works well. Don't use poison because if they die in your attic, on my goodness, the smell.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the information on the grits. I think I need to buy me some of the long cooking kind and try my hand at it. I've had it before with butter but cheddar cheese on it sounds real yummy! Thanks for sharing.

friendfromTN said...

Grits...I think they are best with a little sugar.

As far as the critter in your attic, maybe it's a raccoon, squirrel or even a family of mice. :)