Thursday, March 1, 2012

Have the Gods Gone Crazy?

We’re in full on spring here at mid-South Alabama. Mom called me very early this morning. I can remember lying on my back with my hands folded upon my chest as Maggie licked her paws loudly as she lay next to me.  It was raining softly outside my bedroom window. It also sounded like the magical hour was full underway with the birds jubilantly singing outside.  The phone rang loudly in the next room and it startled me from my doze. Maggie’s the first to get to the phone with me not far behind. She can hear who’s talking on the other end.

“You’ve just got to get to your father’s pharmacy to get some of his canned macaroni and cheese!”

I smiled broadly! My ears were fully pricked up by then.  I love macaroni and cheese. Especially some as easy as popping the top, microwaving for a minute, and digging in. I told mom I would be down there when I left volunteering.

“They’ve changed their recipe,” mom said even more excitably. “It is like a creamy Kraft macaroni and cheese with more cheese.”

We all need to get a life,” is was I thought humorously as I hung up the phone.

Get That Camera Out and Go Use it…

The mockingbirds or catbirds are at every corner singing mating calls and guarding their territory. There’s Robins in my backyard looking for earthworms. The Bradford pears are blooming.  All the daffodils and lily bells are blooming as well.  The forsythias are on the way. It is a wonderful sight to behold.  I get so excited about the coming of spring.  It is a rebirth in me as well along with all of nature. It puts an end to the depression akin seasonal affective disorder I suffer from during the dim and dark winter months.  

Things That Still Go Bump in the Night…

Dad was sitting in my den last night with Charlie.  Maggie could feel the discord in the room as she lay on the floor at my feet. They were bickering about who will pay for Charlie's next rib eye steak cookout.  Dad had agreed to buying half the steaks when two extremely loud pops (slaps?) came from the kitchen.

“What was that?” Charlie asked warily as he looked at me.

“Andrew thinks he may have poltergeist,” my father replied with a smirk of disbelief as he rolled his eyes.

“That’s got to be the compressor or ice maker on your refrigerator,” Charlie said, telling my father that he was calling someone to come and look at at.

Is this the end of my other-worldly adventure? A fridge gone kaput?  Only time and a guy with perpetual plumber's crack will tell.  


Summer said...

We had a very mild winter, but like you I suffer from SAD and nothing makes me happier than to realize that the birds are singing once again.

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