Friday, March 2, 2012

Our KIA plant a few miles from me just rolled out its 500,000th car yesterday. I thought that was pretty neat. We're headed for economic success!  I would die to have an Optima sedan with its incredible 270 horsepower engine.  The plant is currently producing the Sorrento SUV.

That’s what dad decided I would need to get even better last night. Routine socialization.  Phew! I cringed at the thought of a room of 100’s of strangers with me sitting in a corner thwarting any advances.

“Practice makes perfect,” dad said with his Cheshire grin used in such social manipulation and social engineering situations.

I threw up a little in my mouth as I told him I was going to run away like a little abused kid if he started all that crap again with me.

“I'm serious! You’ll never see me again,” I told him. “I will be living in the Rescue Mission in Nashville. A thousand dollars can get you pretty far when you don’t have any bills!”

“Well? What’s your best idea Mr. know-it-all?” Dad asked derogatorily. “You would’ve been homeless if not for me.” 

“I get enough socialization volunteering,” was my answer. “Let’s just leave things as they are.”

“You’re getting cranky,” I then told my father as I pulled his jacket off the back of the sofa and handed it to him. “Maybe it’s best that you go home, get in your pajamas, and go to bed.”

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Josie Two Shoes said...

I'm with you Andrew, "practice" hasn't helped me one bit in 50 years to overcome my discomfort in large groups of people and social situations. I do fine in very small groups or one one one, but everytime someone attempts to "pull me out of my shell" I end up having a miserable time. I think you've done amazingly well with your volunteer job and getting out about town. Take it at your own pace, follow your own heart. Your Dad loves you and means well, it's just hard for him to let you use your own wings. Parents are like that. :-) I loved you handing him his jacket.

Just Me said...

I am very friendly, but I am an introvert and always will feel slightly stressed in group settings. Extroverts such as your father just don't understand that. I'm on your side... practice social activities within your comfort zone, and avoid large groups and the stresses they bring.

And send your dad to read this:

Tee said...

I must admit, I'm on your side, take social situations at your own pace. I loved it when you handed your dad his jacket. LOL!

kristi said...

Good for you for standing up for yourself.