Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mauritania Calls You to Duty…

grilled-cheese-860“Have you slept all day?” I asked, goodheartedly admonishing Maggie, the Princess of Mauritania, as I haven’t seen much of her today.  She’s usually very busy about the house – in and out the dog door.

She was presently on the bed wrapped in the covers as I changed out of my blue jeans into shorts for the evening hours.  I was winding down for the day. All I had were socks on my feet and I could almost hear my mother admonish me that my feet were going to get cold and to put some shoes on.

I knew how to get Maggie up and about and that was to get to cooking in the kitchen. The smells would lure her in.  Moment’s later I had some grilled cheese sandwiches with the cheese bubbling away in the toaster oven – the cheese was also getting crispy around the edges just like I like it.  Maggie had moved from the bed to the floor of the kitchen. I smiled.

“Yours has to cool down some,” I told Maggie as she wagged her tail very vigorously.

I garnished my meal with an ample amount of cheese puffs and two spicy dill pickle spears. Ah yeah, you could just hear The National Heart Association calling.

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