Sunday, February 16, 2014

It’s Good to Have Fathers and Friends…

downton abbey wallpaper“Your going to miss Downton Abbey!” I exclaimed to my father when he and Charlie arrived tonight.

Dad glanced at his watch and said simply,”Shit! Let’s hurry this up!”

Dad gave me my medications and Charlie was talking on his cellphone outside on my front steps.  Charlie doing that was really getting Maggie all riled up.

“Why isn’t he coming in?” Maggie would run over to me seemingly to ask.

She wanted him to come inside so she could greet him. Charlie finally came in and Maggie put on quite a grand show of affection for him.

“I was talking to my preacher,” Charlie said. “And I was afraid y’all would cuss where he could hear you. That’s why I was outside.”

Dad was grilling me about fascist Italy and Italy’s role in World War II. He wanted to see what I knew. He is reading a book on Mussolini and Italy at the moment.

“Italy and Mussolini were just puppets of Hitler,” I told my father. “And Mussolini was quite a womanizer as well.”

Needless to say, Dad and Charlie didn't stay long. They were headed home so Dad could watch his favorite television program.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching Downton now!!! It's so good!!
- C

JohnInBelmont said...

A childhood friend sent me this season on DVD from Britain. So, I've seen the whole thing (NA-NA-NA-NA!):o)It's good!!!